Yoga Teacher Training – Four weeks, One Carry-on

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“Four Weeks, One Carry-On: What I’m Packing For Yoga Teacher Training In Bali.”

Bali Yoga Teacher Training… Elizabeth’s Story


Let’s look at the numbers to get from West Palm Beach, Florida to the island of Nusa Lembongan shall we?10,000 miles over 2.5 days.

4 flights to get to Bali.

1 bus + 1 speed boat + 1 taxi to get to the island.

When I added up all those factors, I vowed to only use carry-on luggage. I didn’t want the stress of the airlines possibly losing or delaying my luggage and I DEFINITELY didn’t want to lug a huge suitcase around by myself so the solution to use a carry-on and a personal item was simple…. until I started packing.

I very quickly realised my packing list was larger than my bag so I reevaluated, edited, tried again only to have to start the process over. As they say, the third time is a charm because I’m happy to announce my bags are packed and ready to go.

I should mention a few things:

–      Santosha provided students with a great packing list that gave me a head start. I also checked out some other lists online for trainings hosted in similar climates.

–      When I was reading up on packing lists, they often left out common things like underwear or razors. I’m sure the authors thought the reader would have the common sense to pack these items, but I didn’t and I had to rework my list. Even though I have a rule to not talk about my underwear on the internet, I included it on this packing list so it would truly be comprehensive.

–      The preliminary schedule mentioned we were in training 6 days a week so I wanted to make sure I was focused on anatomy and not laundry by packing extra yoga clothes.

–      I swapped out any liquids in my toiletries for solid versions which had less packaging, are better for the environment and meet TSA standards.


7 tank tops

7 pairs of yoga pants

7 sports bras

3 casual outfits

1 dress

3 pairs of PJs

2 swimsuits

Bras and underwear

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of flip flops

1 pair of water-proof sneakers








Face wash

Face lotion

Body lotion


Insect repellant




Body wipes

Face wipes


Hand sanitizer

Anti-nausea medicine (as recommending by Santosha)

Pedialyte powder

Facemasks for the planes


Hair brush and hair ties

Laundry soap

 Any prescriptions you need


Yoga mat

Course manuals

3 hand towels

Water bottle

2 notebooks


Pens and pencils

Anatomy book

Mat cleaner



Rain poncho

Travel Pillow

Eye mask

Ear plugs

Indonesian Rupiahi ($$$)


 GoPro with charger


Laptop with charger

Portable solar charger (my parents INSISTED)

Phone charger

Outlet converter

Waterproof watch


I’m four days away from departing and I feel good about this list but I plan on making some updates after the experience to see how great it really was. If you want any recommendations about the products  I used, send me an email and I’m happy to share.


We are so lucky to have Elizabeth of The Flexible Yogi as our guest blogger for our Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training! She will be sharing the process from packing to graduating – and everything in between. Thank you Elizabeth and we look forward to sharing this journey with you 🙂

If you feel the calling to begin your yoga teaching training journey with Santosha in paradise – visit our Level 1 RYT-200 Yoga Instructor Course page and start the first step on your new path today.

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