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Santosha has been running trainings and retreats since 2008 – meaning we can celebrate 10 amazing years of helping our students transform their lives and step into their strength!

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Our goal is that all those we encounter can gain an experience of Santosha – and then share and spread this experience back into communities through teaching; creating a ripple effect that will change the world and the hearts of all beings in it.

We are happy when our students and graduates are happy – leading joyful and fulfilled lives, sharing their passion and living in integrity and peace. Our greatest pride is being part of the journey, walking alongside our our students to follow their true path and embrace the happiness and beauty inside them.

Sunny has gathered an incredible team of teachers and support staff, who share her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga and sincere desire to help others live their best, most fulfilled and openhearted life. They can’t wait to meet you and get started with you on this journey.

We have had many special moments over the years – from watching our students grow and transform on our 25 days with them to seeing our graduates flourish in the world. We share their joys, tears, triumphs, challenges and successes – once you are part of the Santosha family we will always be there for you.

From our training with thousands of happy graduates we know once you begin… you never know where this Santosha journey will take you! So come with an open heart and mind and let the journey do the rest. We will be here to support you every step of the way.

We can’t wait to share this journey with you…

Sunny Richards – Santosha Founder

Tasmanian born Yoga Alliance ERYT-500 Teacher Sunny Richards is the founder and director of Santosha. She has devoted her life to Santosha, which was born from a dream to create a sacred place for healing, transformation and to awaken the incredible potential of happiness.

Sunny loves what she does, life and all it brings, her family and her friends, and she is so thankful for her teachers and for the opportunities that allowed her to create Santosha.

“I’ve never known a person’s name to suit them so well! You are the warmest, friendliest, most down to earth person I have possibly met. What you do is remarkable! I can only imagine the energy you give to create such a wonderful Yoga Teacher program. You have so much love bursting out of you, and you give so much to the students. Your honesty, open candor and knowledge is such an incredible quality, and I only hope I can take a leaf out of your book. Thank you for all you do and you give” ~ Jehan, Santosha Graduate

An ex-pro surfer, Sunny loves to make sure our trainings are always close to the healing ocean waves – so students and teachers both can swap mat for board and hit the surf.

Sunny welcomes all with an open heart.  She considers all who walk through Santosha’s doors as family and promises to be available to her students throughout her life, whenever needed.

+ Our Team of Incredible Teachers

Santosha would not be where we are today without our incredible team of talented and passionate yogis. They boast extremely diverse backgrounds and all share one common passion: helping others achieve balance in their lives by finding inner peace and contentment so that they may see true beauty in the everyday, appreciate all life has to offer, and live life to the fullest. .

To meet our amazing teaching team please head over to Our Team page.

+ Our Amazing Students

We consider our students and graduates as the heart of Santosha. Without them we would not be able to do what we do! All our hard work is made worthwhile when we see our students experience the bliss and excitement of following and fulfilling their dreams. The energy and enthusiasm our students bring to each training is a huge part of what makes Santosha so special.

The many amazing stories of what our graduates go on to achieve is what make us most proud – so we are happy to share some of their stories below…

Kaisa Kapanen – Finland/ Phillipines

Finnish Santosha Graduate Kaisa Kapanen graduated from her Level One Yoga Teacher Training  in April 2014 – and was so keen to share her new skills with the world she then headed straight off to teach in the beautiful Philippines. Leaping feet first into a new yoga teaching career on a pristine tropical island. What a dream!

Through their company Reconnect Discover Kaisa and her partner now run Yoga, Life Coaching and Diving Retreats. Their aim is to help people reconnect with themselves, and to help them to follow their hearts.

“Yoga with Reconnect Discover was an awesome unique experience. The teacher had a loving, caring and professional touch to yoga and in her classes you will learn not only how to yoga but learn something from yourself.” Maija, Retreat Guest

As Kaisa says, teaching on a tropical island is “just pure magic… and guests love it!”

Lauren Prindiville – US/ Tahiti

Lauren is another incredible graduate doing great things in amazing places – in her case on the beautiful tropical islands of French Polynesia.

Wanderlust at heart, Lauren has been traveling, volunteering and teaching internationally for the past 5 years across Europe, North & Central America, and Asia. Lauren is a 500-hour registered Yoga Alliance & YACEP instructor for courses on Ayurveda, Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga. For the past 2 years, she has also been teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge on 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs in Bali.

Lauren currently runs Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Tahiti through her company Traveling Tula.

Hannah Duncalf – France

We have many past students working in exotic beach-side locations, but Hannah’s jam is the snow! This Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate works out of Tignes in the French Alps, teaching yoga classes when she’s not hitting the slopes.

Hannah is a great example of someone kicking ass by leveraging her knowledge and passion of another area and combining it with her skills as a yoga teacher – teaching classes which specifically target those who need yoga after a long day on the piste.

“Hannah at Tadasana Tignes is the place to go after a day on the hill! A welcoming class with like minded people in a beautiful space. I really enjoyed the snowboarding stretch! Thanks Hannah!” ~ Rachael Jane

Steve Gorelashvili – Belgium

Steve Gorelashvili joined our teacher training to broaden his knowledge of Yoga – and to guide his father who was a recovering cancer patient. Only a few months after graduating Steve became a yoga teacher in a Belgian Prison teaching a weekly class to prisoners.

His time on the Santosha YTT also gave Steve the insight that the path he was on was not one he wanted to keep following – so he gave up his job as a police officer and returned to the non-profit sector, where he now works as head counsellor in a residential setting for minors with troubled backgrounds.

He uses yoga with these teenagers as a tool to do something physical as well as to connect with them – and getting them to connect with themselves.

Besides the professional contribution, Steve says YTT 200 gave him the tools he needed for creating and adjusting his self practices to his goals and needs, by integrating and balancing all eight limbs of yoga in his life.

Jessica Scheper – The Netherlands

Jessica started practicing yoga as a means to get fit and flexible for surfing. Now, yoga has also become a means to get fit and flexible for life! To her, combining surf and yoga is the ultimate way of living – and now Jessica teaches all over the world through her business Surf Soul ‘N Yoga.

In 2013, Jess completed her ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor & Lifeguard training and taught at two Dutch surf schools. A year later, she completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT in Bali.

During her 14 months of traveling around the world, Jessica has taught yoga at an Eco-lodge in Nicaragua and in Malaysia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

“I took yoga classes from Jessica twice a day. I enjoyed her professionalism and knowledge but also open-minded approach and humour a lot. It was the first time I found someone I wanted to took classes with and was really happy about it. Jessica was able to correct plenty of mistakes I had collected during the years of doing yoga alone and without instructor. Thanks! ” ~ Sasu

Believe it or not – this is just a tiny sample of our amazing graduates and their incredible antics! Read more over here on the Santosha Graduates page.

We can’t wait to add your name to the list of passionate yogis making a difference out in the world!

+ Incredible Amazing You!

We know you are special and have many gifts to share with the world. We would love to walk beside you as you discover the hidden depths of your own beauty and wisdom. We can’t wait to connect with you and begin your yoga journey with Santosha.

From our heart to yours,
Sunny and the Santosha Team

Every journey begins with a first step…

Connect with us today.


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