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Santosha Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

Qualify to teach Yoga – or expand your existing Yoga Teaching Skills with our authentic Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Transform your life on Santosha’s Online Yoga Trainings

Qualify to teach Yoga on our Online Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training or add to your existing skills with our short courses…

Begin your Online Yoga Studies Today!

✔️ Complete your Online Yoga Training from the comfort of your own home

✔️ Same high level of teaching, support and expertise students have come to expect from Santosha

✔️ Yoga Alliance Accredited Continuing Education Yoga Trainings

✔️ Work at Your Pace – study intensively full-time or self-pace

✔️ Learn from our experienced teachers with comprehensive and easily accessible video content

✔️ Add to your Yoga Teaching CV with highly desirable added skills


Find the Online Yoga Teacher Training for You


 Our Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training is the first step in your Yoga Alliance certified online Yoga Teacher Training Journey. 


Discover the deep healing power of Yoga Nidra with Santosha’s nourishing 50 Hour Online Yoga Nidra Course


Teach Mothers on their journey to birth and beyond with our nurturing and empowering Pre + Post Natal 50 Hour Yoga Training.


Slow down, tune in, wake up. Discover the softer side of Yoga on our 50 Hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


Teach the next generation yoga and mediation with our 30 Hour Children’s + Teen’s Yoga Teacher Training. 


Deepen your knowledge of teaching and sharing Mediation on our authentic and embodied 50 Hours Online Meditation Training.


With Santosha’s Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

We invite you to join our community of new and experienced Yoga Teachers for this truly life-changing Online Yoga Teacher Training journey…

• New to Yoga Teaching?

If this is the very first step on your pathway to becoming an accredited Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, our Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect place to begin your Online Yoga Teacher Training Journey.

• Already started your Yoga Teaching Journey?

If you’re already a 200 Hour graduate, you can dive deeper into your chosen specialty with our full range of Yoga Alliance Accredited Online short Yoga Teacher Training courses – all available to you online at a pace that feels right for you.

• Not a Yoga Teacher but Want to Deepen your Knowledge?

If you’re not 200 Hour RYT Certified, you’re still welcome to experience any of our Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses to advance your personal practice or add to your professional knowledge.

Start your yoga teachER TRAINING journey – online!

Yoga Alliance Accredited RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training

Our Certified Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
is the first step in your Yoga Teaching Training Journey…

Prepare yourself for a profoundly life-changing experience! Become fully immersed in the practice, embodiment, teachings and philosophies of Yoga in this interactive online Yoga Teacher training. You’ll emerge from this course with the knowledge and experience to teach Yoga in gyms and studios worldwide with your RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certification.

• Study with the Best and Most Experienced Yoga Training Institute

Santosha has been running RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Trainings for 12+ years. Our Online Level 1 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training delivers the same high level of quality and expertise Santosha is known for – online! You have founder Sunny supporting you at every step of your Online Yoga Teacher Training, together with our incredible team of experienced teachers and mentors.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – at YOUR Own Pace

Back to work? Working from home? Stay at home or single Mom? We assist you to find the study pace to suit your situation and still fulfil your Yoga Teaching dreams. We’ve built our Online Yoga Teacher Training to support all situations – so everyone is able to fit their online yoga study alongside other commitments. Join classes live – or re-watch when best suits you.

• Fully Supported Live Online Training

This is a supported Online Yoga Teacher Training with opportunities for interactive communication with your teachers and mentors. Our caring, knowledgeable teachers will take your understanding of yoga and self to new levels. You will leave with new friends – and the confidence, skills and RYT-200 Yoga Teaching certification to teach Yoga anywhere in the world.

• Still Join us in Paradise when Travel Resumes

We understand many still wish to join us in paradise so we gift all our Online RYT-200 students the opportunity to join us for free on one of our in-person trainings when travel resumes (not including flights, accommodation and meals) Joining us in person not possible? You can still qualify to teach with Yoga Alliance as a Certified RYT-200 Yoga Teacher online… entirely from home!

• Fully Certified Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Online Yoga Training – from Home

We have reconfigured and enriched our Level 1 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training so you can complete your Certification from home – and still qualify to teach in gyms and studios worldwide with Yoga Alliance. You don’t need to take time off work – meaning you can make the most of this opportunity to fulfil your goal of becoming a certified RYT-200 Yoga Teacher.

If you dream of becoming a qualified Yoga Teacher…
Allow your dreams to unfold and join our Online Yoga Teacher Training today!

Certified Online RYT-500 Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Online Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Course is for certified Yoga Teachers wanting to take their Practice and Teaching to the Next Level.

Our Online 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is for 200 Hour RYT Graduates who have the passion, commitment and dedication to expand their knowledge and take their teaching to a specialist level. Add to your skills and become the teacher you always dreamed you could be.  This course is Yoga Alliance Certified and is available to graduates of recognised 200 Hour YTT. 

Deepen your Practice and add valuable new skills to your teaching toolkit…
With Santosha’s Online Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training

Embodied 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our Authentic Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training Course is for teachers looking to unlock deeper potential and step into their authentic power.

Our 100 Hour Authentic Embodiment and Purpose Yoga Teacher Training is a program specifically designed to connect qualified 200 Hour Yoga Teachers with their own intuitive, natural teaching style. This is the perfect opportunity to discover your unique voice and allow you to experience the bliss of authentic embodiment. This course is Yoga Alliance Certified and is available to graduates of recognised 200 Hour YTT. 

If you are qualified Yoga Teacher looking to further transform your life and teaching
Register for this course and unlock your full potential.

add new skills to your yoga teaching cv with our Online yoga courses

Yoga Alliance Accredited Short Online Yoga Courses

Expand Your Skills on our Online Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our 30 Hour and 50 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training courses are perfect for accredited Yoga Teachers looking to expand upon their foundational knowledge and raise their awareness and experience in specific areas of Yoga as well as others looking to add to their skills and knowledge in their area of expertise. These online Yoga Teacher Training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance for those with 200 Hour Certification, however they are open to everyone who wants to increase their expertise online.

If you would like to advance your knowledge and join one of our online 30 or 50 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings for your own expansion, we invite you with open arms and an open heart. Expand your skills and add to your Yoga teaching toolkit.

Join us on our Yoga Alliance Online Yoga Teaching Training
Courses today…

50 Hour Yoga Nidra Online Yoga Teacher Training

Discover the Deep Healing Power of Yoga Nidra
on our 50 Hour Online Yoga Nidra Course…

Yoga Nidra is a fully guided meditation practice that restores physical and mental wellbeing through the restorative powers of active rest. In a world of ‘doing’ this is is chance to explore ‘being’; an opportunity to tap into the healing benefits of unplugging and letting go. Our Yoga Nidra Online Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Accredited allowing registered Yoga teacher to add these healing skills to their yoga teaching toolkit and 50 Hours to their continuing education hours.

• Share the healing benefits of Yoga Nidra

The benefits of this practice are many including better sleep, increased energy, reduction of stress, improved focus and productivity, reduced pain, freedom from mental chatter, relief from anxiety. Learn to lead powerful and restorative Yoga Nidra classes and workshops to help and heal others.

• Learn from a renowned Yoga Nidra expert

Your teacher Barbara has has conducted hundreds of classes and workshops on Yoga Nidra as well as many teacher training courses worldwide. She is the author of a German bestselling book on Yoga Nidra as well as many popular Yoga Nidra CDs.

• Learn all aspects of Yoga Nidra needed to create classes + workshops

Learn all the techniques that are included Yoga Nidra, how to explain Yoga Nidra to students and what it takes to become a Yoga Nidra teacher. Discover how Yoga Nidra can help with health issues and conducting individual Yoga Nidra session as well as how to combine Yoga Nidra with asanas and mantras and Yoga Nidra for children.

• Bring more contentment, happiness and joy to your students

The deep and abiding sense of contentment and well-being that comes from a regular Yoga Nidra practice is so sought after in world of stress. Gain the skills you need to share this deeply healing practice with others for health, healing and well-being. Your students will thank you for it!

Discover the healing power of Yoga Nidra
On our 50 Hour Yoga Nidra Online Yoga Teacher Training

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Delve into the softer side of yoga and unlock your healing Yin energy
on our Online Yin Yoga Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Yin Yoga is medicine for the modern world. Learn how to teach Yin Yoga in this nourishing 50-hour training course and explore how Yin Yoga works on deep levels to still the mind and balance the emotional body. Develop confidence in sharing Yin Yoga in classes, workshops and retreats. Our Yin Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Accredited – allowing registered Yoga teacher to add these valuable skills to their yoga teaching toolkit and 50 Hours to their continuing education hours.

• Gain a Solid Foundation for Teaching Yin Yoga

This course provides a solid foundation of the theory and methodology of Yin Yoga. You will learn how Yin Yoga poses works along the body’s meridians and about the effects on the bio-mechanics of the body – including how the poses work on the fascia and connective tissue.

• Skills to Teach Comprehensive Yin Yoga Classes

Many people see Yin Yoga as a complement to a vinyasa practice, the yin to the yang, but it is also an entire practice in itself. This training will equip you to add elements of Yin to the cool down of your class or to teach complete Yin Yoga classes and sessions.

• Find your Teaching Voice to share this Potent Practice

Yin Yoga is based upon the alchemical elements of Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire that each express distinct qualities in the body and emotions. You will be guided through the teaching method and sequencing and variations of 20 key poses in Yin Yoga. Develop confidence in sharing Yin Yoga and find your authentic teaching voice.

Add sought after Yin Yoga skills to your teaching toolkit…
Join our 50 Hour Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training Today

50 Hour Pre + Post Natal and Children’s + Teen’s Teacher Training

Teach and share Yoga with expectant Mothers and Mums + Bubs
on Santosha’s Online Pre + Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training course

Learn to teach safe, nurturing yoga classes for mothers to empower them for birth and beyond. The skills developed in this online yoga teacher training course will assist all Yoga Teachers to refine their teaching to safely guide and teach expectant Mums in specialised and general yoga classes, workshops and courses. An understanding of the benefits of Yoga is useful for anyone who works with pregnant women.

The skills and wisdom imparted in the course may be used as useful tools by a range of professionals including Midwifes, Doulas and Nurses –  as well as expectant Moms who want to empower themselves with these supportive practices. The  Online Pre + Post Natal Yoga Teacher training course also contributes 50 Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance registered teachers.

• Guide your Students Through Birth and Motherhood

Uplift and inspire your students throughout the intimate phases of motherhood. Come away with a complete understanding of safe, approved and inspired Yoga teaching practices for Pre and Post Natal classes.

• Learn to Teach Safe and Empowering Pre + Post Natal Yoga Classes

Gentle postures, breath work, vocal toning and meditation are taught to cultivate flexibility, calm and confidence in preparation for labor and childbirth. Promote ease in the birthing process, reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth.

• Empower Women for Birth and Beyond

With Pre Natal Yoga women prepare for an active, enjoyable and natural a birthing experience as possible. Gain the skills to empower mothers and enrich their experience during this transformational time in their lives in the comprehensive online yoga teacher training.

• Skills to Teach Mums and Bubs

Create your own nourishing, bonding classes for Mums + Bubs by integrating your newfound knowledge of Pre and Postnatal Yoga in fun and nurturing poses and sequencing for both mother and child.

Gain important skills to support Mums on their Journey
Join our Online Pre + Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training today…

30 Hour Children’s + Teens Yoga Teacher Training

Santosha’s Children + Teens Yoga course is an exciting and fun way to learn to teach Kids + Teens Yoga Classes… Online!

Supporting the next generation to take their place in our world as confident, calm and resilient beings is a privilege, a joy and a much-needed service. There is a great demand for specialist Children’s Yoga Teachers as this area grows in popularity. Gain the skills to teach Children and Teens in specialised yoga classes, workshops and courses.

An understanding of the benefits of Yoga is useful for anyone who works with children. The skills and wisdom imparted in the course may be used as tools across a range of professions including Healthcare, Education, Childcare, Community work and Disability services. Yoga is a life practice and a wonderful tool for children to apply to their daily lives for increased health, happiness and tranquility.

• Learn to Teach Safe and Accessible Kids + Teens Yoga Classes

Uplift and inspire kids and teens through fun and calming Yoga practices. Postures, breath work, games and simple meditations cultivate resilience, calm and confidence. Come away with a complete understanding of safe, approved Yoga teaching practices.

• Empower Kids for the Teenage Years – and beyond

Our comprehensive experiential-based training gives you the skills to specialise in teaching Children’s or Teens’ Yoga. This is one of the most important areas of yoga teaching, because teaching our youth will help to create profound change in the world.

• Access your Inner Child to create Fun and Play in your Classes

Role play as children in a children’s yoga class, to experience it from a child’s perspective! You’ll also learn how to plan and sequence classes for young children’s drifting attention spans, as well as how to adapt poses to different age groups.

Teach the Next Generation of Yogis
Join our Children’s + Teens Online Yoga Teacher Training 

what others say about our online yoga certification courses

Why Choose Santosha for your Online Yoga Studies?


‘Such a Strong Sense of Community, Love and Passion through my Laptop!’ 

The four weeks training exceeded my expectations! Sunny and the Santosha team are so welcoming and kind, I never thought I could feel such a strong sense of community, love and passion through my laptop! The courses are well organized and very complete.

I have learned so much from yoga history to anatomy, the foundations of the asanas and breathing techniques. The challenging part for me was to deconstruct what I had learned in my own yoga practice, in order to teach in a safe way for my future students.

After four weeks I felt confident I could teach a small class. My life has been turned upside down with the COVID crisis. This training not only gave me new future perspectives, it also helped me go through a difficult time and listen to myself. I can only recommend!

Héloïse Lambert – Certified Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


‘Most Wonderful and Knowledgeable Instructors’

I’ve very recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Santosha. I’m so grateful that this opportunity came up and I was able to learn from the most wonderful and knowledgeable instructors from around the world. There is so much to learn and I have been fully supported both during the course and ongoing. My intention was originally to deepen my own practice, as I love that inner peace I would always feel when doing yoga, and I wanted to tap into that further. I’ve come away with such amazement at what I learnt as yoga is really so much more than I thought. I’m so happy to have found answers and I want to share my love for yoga with all.

Melanie Ceveri – Certified Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


‘All the Help and Support You Could Need’

Being able to get certified online with Santosha was a real blessing. Although online, the course was very thorough and all the help and support that you could need was available so you still feel totally held throughout the process. It was also great to be connected with many more yogis from around the globe. Now I have completed the training I hope to begin to teach specifically trauma informed yoga in order to help people heal. Namaskaar!

Erica Hands  Certified Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate


‘Best Investment I Have Ever Made’

The Santosha 200hr YTT course is the kindest, most loving and most caring thing I have ever invested in for myself. This course was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. It truly is a ‘yoga experience filled with love’.

The pre-recorded lectures are amazing and the live Zoom sessions where the highlight of this course. I was able to self pace and fit the study into my schedule and the support from the teachers was amazing. I felt included and supported the whole way through.

I am so grateful that this course was made available online. This online 200hr YTT course is the best investment I have ever made and can recommend this course, from the heart, to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher.

Katie McDonagh  Certified Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Learn from the best in yoga teacher trainings

Why Choose Santosha for your Online Yoga Teaching Training?


Santosha have been running trainings for over 12 years - so we are experts at delivering a comprehensive and authentic Yoga Teacher Training experience. Our Online Yoga Teacher Trainings bring you the same level of quality, support and expertise from our highly experienced senior teachers as our renowned Santosha in-person courses, meaning you know you are studying with the best.


Our Certified 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training course is Yoga Alliance accredited - your passport to teaching yoga in gyms and studios worldwide. Santosha is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) so your Online Yoga short course study hours not only add to your Yoga Teaching CV but also give you accredited Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance.


Our Online Yoga Teacher Training courses provide options for total beginners through to advanced teachings, with the full support of our qualified team. Our short Online Yoga Teacher trainings are suitable for both Yoga Teachers and those with a personal or professional interest in the subject matter. Wherever you are on your Yoga teaching journey, we are here with you!


Our Online Yoga Courses are 100% flexible - you choose your own pace of learning to become the teacher you are meant to be. We want to help you make the most of this opportunity to study from home. Working, parenting or studying - or just have a long list of to-do's? Our team will work with you and your timetable to make sure you are able to fulfil your yoga teaching goals in the time which best suits your needs.


Our passionate teachers teach from the heart. They guide you on your Online Yoga Teacher Training journey in an empowered and supported environment, taking your understanding of yoga and self to new levels. Learn from our team of highly trained yogis, physiotherapists, anatomy experts and yoga therapists and leave with the confidence, knowledge and certification to teach yoga anywhere in the world.


We want to help you make the most of this opportunity to study from home and fulfil your goal of becoming a certified yoga teacher or adding to your teaching skills on our Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. Our course are fully accessible anywhere in the world and our easy to navigate learning portal means you don't need any tech skills. As long as you have an internet connection you are ready to join us!

qualify to teach Yoga in gyms + studios – Online

Yoga Alliance Certified Online Yoga Trainings

✔️  Teach Yoga in Gyms, Studios, Health Clubs
✔️  Hold cohesive Yoga Classes and Workshops
✔️  Certify to teach on our RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Training
✔️  Add 30/ 50/ 100 Hours Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance
✔️ Add 30/ 50/ 100 Hours Yoga Alliance International on your Teaching Pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

About our Santosha Online Yoga Teacher Trainings


Yes, you can join our Online Yoga trainings from anywhere - at anytime. As this is an online course location is no obstacle and you can begin your journey when best suits you. If you have access to a device with internet ability then you are ready to join!


Yes, this is a fully certified RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher training - meaning you can register with Yoga Alliance immediately upon graduation from your online studies. You can complete the entire training online in the comfort of your home.


Yes, for Yoga Alliance RYT Registered Teachers, our 30/ 50/ 100 Hour courses provide 30/50/100 hours CEU. Yoga Alliance Australia or Yoga Alliance International Teachers - our trainings are eligible to be registered as 30/ 50/ 100 training hours.


All you need is an internet connection! Our RYT-200 students will need the capability to access Zoom and a camera to film themselves demonstrating - this can be done on a phone and does not need to be of a professional quailty.


All our 30, 50 and 100 Hour courses can be started at any time. For our RYT-200 students we run these with monthly start date so you can be part of a mentor group and access your teachers live. Check RYT-200 Online page for the next intake.


We provide all the materials and manuals needed to complete the courses. The class content is video based with an accompanying PDF for reading. Your Manuals are a downloadable PDFs and have all you need to learn and teach.

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