Advance Your Practice and Certify to Teach
with Santosha’s Online Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your Yoga knowledge with our cost-effective, authentic Certified Yoga Teacher Training… from the comfort of your own home.

You can Qualify to teach Yoga Online –
with our Yoga Alliance Certified Online Yoga Teacher Training.

✔️ Complete your RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training from the comfort of your own home

✔️ Same high level of teaching, support and expertise students have come to expect from Santosha

✔️ Certify with a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Yoga Teaching Qualification

✔️ Flexible learning – graduate within 1 month or self-pace at your timing

✔️ Live classes, webinars, videos and online mentoring and support – around the globe

✔️ Join us to experience a live Level 1 training – at no extra tuition cost – once travel resumes

Our Next Yoga Alliance Online Course Begins June 24th, 2020

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Our comprehensive course modules have been designed to give you the ``live`` experience as much as possible. All classes are recorded for viewing at any time - giving you life-long access to our incredible course assets.


During the COVID-19 period, we have reconfigured our Level 1 200-hour program so you can complete your yoga teacher training from the comfort of your home - and still qualify to teach worldwide with Yoga Alliance.


The course will run over 24 teaching days of in-depth study. For those that need longer, there is also the option to self-pace, taking as long as you need to suit your situation. You will also have weekends off to relax.


We open our doors for you to join us in person to experience a live training in full – at no extra tuition cost – once normal proceedings have resumed. You can attend in full, or in part, meaning the experience can be tailored to your budget and needs - giving us all something to look forward to!


Our RYT-200-hour virtual Yoga Teacher Training delivers the same high level of quality, expertise and excellence. You will learn from our senior teachers and have founder Sunny journeying together with you. Receive everything you need to graduate as a Yoga Alliance qualified teacher.


Our caring, passionate and knowledgeable teachers teach from the heart. They will guide you in a relaxed, empowered environment, taking your understanding of yoga and self to new levels. You will leave with the confidence, skills and certification to teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Go Deeper into your yoga journey

What will you learn on our comprehensive Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Santosha’s in-depth online Yoga course is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga skillfully with compassion and awareness.

✔️ Authentic Yogic Path

Our yoga teacher training embraces a holistic approach to the path of yoga. Combining the wisdom of traditional yoga with contemporary understandings of the body, emotions and spirituality – igniting a process of genuine transformation.

✔️  Modern Methods – Ancient Wisdom

The yoga we teach is not another ‘style’ of Yoga but an authentic presentation of  ancient yoga teachings, drawing from the Sri T Krishnamacharya lineage.

✔️ Learn the Anatomy and Foundations of  Yoga Postures

Gain knowledge of anatomy specific guidelines which form a solid basis for safe and informed teaching. We cover Asana in depth and provide a comprehensive Manual with all you need to teach, modify and progress each pose.

✔️Teach Safely, Learn Modifications and Adjustments, Sequence Classes

Learn to teach postures and practices safely with correct alignment modifications, adjustments and cues. Once this is mastered move on to sequence safely and effectively, to progress asanas and breath.

✔️ Gain the Life-changing Wisdom of Yoga Philosophy

Explore in-depth the wisdom of yoga philosophy and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, allowing for a deeper experience of the benefits of Yoga and true transformation in your life.

✔️ Develop and Deepen your Self Practice

A Teacher’s self practice is the building block from which great teaching begins Leave with a tailored practice, specifically designed for your body, mind and spirit.


Why Choose Santosha for your Online Yoga Teacher Training Journey?

Who is the Santosha RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training for?

The level 1 200 hour course is open to students of all yoga levels with the maturity and commitment to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, including:

✔️ Students with the desire to become accredited Yoga Teachers and complete the Yoga Teacher Training Online requirements to do so

✔️ Students who do not wish to be yoga teachers but want to deepen their own knowledge and understanding of Yoga and Self

For those who wish to teach, the yoga training will provide the student with the confidence needed to teach yoga skilfully, with compassion, awareness and knowledge.

Students Who Complete The Level 1 Online YTT 200-Hour Course Will:

  • Possess the knowledge to teach group classes, workshops or private sessions

  • Be qualified to teach yoga and certify with Yoga Alliance

  • Deepen and strengthen their practice and understanding of yoga

  • Gain in-depth understanding of the postures and how to teach them

  • Receive mentoring and support worldwide

  • Learn how to structure and create cohesive, well-rounded classes

  • Learn about the various styles of yoga and its history

  •  Acquire an understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology

  • Join an amazing Online community with your online student friends

  • Have the confidence and tools to begin teaching yoga

  • Develop a greater understanding of Meditation

  • Be a happier, healthier person – possessing the tools to cope with life with greater ease!


What Makes Santosha Special?


The Santosha Online YTT 200-hour training allows each individual to experience the true essence of Yoga - through a unique and holistic synthesis of wisdom from the ancient scriptures and philosophy, applied in a contemporary context. Fully grasp Yoga within its historical context and begin to put Yoga into practice in your daily life... leading to deep and long-lasting personal transformation


Santosha has been running trainings for over 10+ years. Our teachers possess deep knowledge, and their compassion and love for teaching means they truly teach from the heart. By joining the Santosha family, you join a community of yogis supporting one another in living our true potential! Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are truly unique - you will feel supported, loved and accepted from the moment you begin your new yoga journey.

Our Next Yoga Alliance Online Course Begins June 24th, 2020

Change Your Life Today…

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Get Started Straight Away

Upon the receipt of your payment, you will receive the login to our Santosha Yoga RYT-200 Online Resource Center, where you can access all the course Manuals and Readings.

The RYT-200 Online Teacher Training will officially begin on June 24th, 2020 – the time will depend on your individual region. This will be our first live connection and a chance to meet and go over the course.

From there, you will have daily live classes and sessions, as well as a mix of pre-recorded webinars and teachings; with time for self study, journalling and practice.

Course Assessments

In order to pass the course and qualify as a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Yoga Teacher you will need to complete the following:

  • Each module contains questions/checklists to complete
  • Final open book exam at the end of the course
  • Email journal of your Asana, Meditation and Pranayama Yoga Practice
  • A final video of you teaching a yoga class at home or in a studio (this does not need to be professional quality)

About your teacher


Sunny Richards is the founder of Santosha Yoga and  has devoted her life to Santosha,- born from a dream to create a sacred place for healing, transformation and to awaken the incredible potential of happiness and connection to ourselves.

Sunny has taught for over 22 years and has trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Vini Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Restorative Yoga and  Meditation.

She is passionate about dedicating time for continual studies and a deep personal practice, so that what she shares is rooted deeply in the understanding and integration of real yoga.

Sunny’s  goal during this time is support and uplift our students and spiritual family. She will be walking along side you at every step of the Online Journey, in the same way she would in a live training event – creating community and connection when it is most needed.

Your RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training Content

✔️ The Life-changing Philosophy of Yoga
Ancient Yogis studied humans for thousands of years, and came up with guidelines for living which can still be applied today. Learn how to implement them in your own life for lasting change.

✔️ Anatomy and the Human Body
Learn the basics of anatomy; an essential foundation for safe, effective and professional teaching.

✔️ Monkey Mind and Five States of Mind
For many, our most mind-blowing lesson! Learn about how the mind really works and how to create a mind free from stress and anxiety.

✔️ Practice and Teach Meditation
Discover how meditation works from a yogic and scientific standpoint, with teaching techniques to share these practices with your students.

✔️ Practice and Teach Pranayama
Pranayama creates huge changes in our state, using the breath. Learn the science behind the breath and amazing techniques and practices for your own life and to share through teaching others.

✔️Unleash the Power of the Chakras
Learn about Chakras and the physical body, balancing the Chakras, and tapping into their healing and uplifting powers.

✔️ Introduction to Ayurveda
More and more people are realising the wealth of wisdom contained in Ayurveda for health and well-being. Learn to increase your vitality and uplift your wellbeing with ancient wisdom.

✔️ Asana Postures and How to Teach Asana
Learn to teach Preparatory Poses, Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Hip Openers, Forward Bends, Twists, Back Bends, Arm Balances, Inversions and Restorative Asana.

✔️ Skills for Safe Teaching 
Good teaching is safe teaching – learn to teach effectively to prevent injuries, with your students health and wellbeing in mind.

✔️ Sequencing and Classes
General class planning, structuring a class for a specific group and sequencing and developing alternative sequences for injuries and pregnancy.

✔️ Theraputic Application of Yoga
Go deeper into teaching and learn to teach Yoga for Asthma, Yoga for Aging, Mental Wellness, Women and Menstruation, Trauma Informed Yoga and more.

✔️ Professional Yoga Teaching
Qualities of a Yoga Teacher, how to prepare and promote Yoga Classes and Workshops, Occupational Health and Safety, Insurance Requirements.

Teaching and Certification

Upon completing this course, you will able to certify as an RYT-200 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, allowing you to teach from gyms and studios worldwide.

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for all that was, all that is and all that will be.

Our goal is that all those we encounter can gain an experience of Santosha – and then share and spread this experience back into the communities through teaching; creating a ripple effect that will change the world and the hearts of all beings in it.

No matter your starting point, our  passionate and highly knowledgeable teachers will guide you in a relaxed, empowered and judgement-free environment and take your understanding of yoga and self to new levels. You will leave with the confidence and skills to teach yoga, if you so choose, anywhere in the world with your internationally-recognized certification.

Your Training Investment

The cost of this course is $2,990 AUD

This includes the ability to:
– register as a RYT-200 teacher with Yoga Alliance
– attend a future in-person training at no extra charge (*tuition only – flights, accommodation and meals not included)

Used to American dollars? This is just $1,900 USD at today’s exchange rate.

Payment Plan
Alternatively, you can choose the easy payment plan which consists of 5 x easy monthly payments of $598 AUD

Please note there is a $350 AUD non-refundable deposit included in this price, which cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part.

We guarantee you will leave us with a wealth of knowledge, a smile on your face and a warm, open heart!


Qualify to Teach on our RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training

Join our Santosha Online Yoga Teacher Training Today

Course starts – June 24th, 2020
Location – Your Home

If, like hundreds of happy students before you, you know that this course is for you – then take action today…
Enrol prior to June 23rd to begin your studies togther with your group on Day One – June 24th.


Option 1:
Payment Plan

5 Fortnightly Payments of  $598 AUD

Option 2:
Whole Enchilada

1 Single Investment of $2,990 AUD

Used to American dollars?
This is just $1,985 USD at today’s exchange rate!

Please note there is a $350 AUD non-refundable deposit included in this price, which cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part.


What You Get With Your Investment:

      • 24 Days Virtual Training Schedule (4 hours live/ catch up classes + 4 hours pre-recorded / study/ readings) – with weekends off for relaxing
      • The ability to attend – at no extra cost – a Santosha in-person training once normal travel resumes (*tuition only)
      • Santosha Breath and Movement Manual
      • Santosha Vinyasa Krama Manual
      • Santosha Anatomy Manual
      • Live classes and practices
      • Connection to an online community from all over the world
      • Zoom sessions with  Santosha’s senior teachers. During this time the teacher will assist you to develop your own Asana, Meditation and Pranayama practice, as these practices will become your teachings. The teacher will be able to answer anything for you during these sessions
      • 1 x Santosha RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
      • Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Kirtan Paractices to download and keep
      • A wealth of knowledge and heart full of love!


About our Santosha RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training


Yes, this is a fully certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher training - meaning you can register with Yoga Alliance immediately upon graduation from your online studies. You can complete the entire training online in the comfort of your home. No need to join us in person to graduate!


The course cost is $2,990 Australian Dollars - which at the most recent exchange rate is USD $1,985. This fluctuates daily so please check for the most up-to-date conversion rates online. This can be paid in 5 x installments - just select Payment Plan when signing up.


Yes, you are welcome to join us in person to experience a live Level 1 training – at no extra tuition cost – once normal proceedings have resumed. This does not of course include fights, accommodation, meals or transport. You can attend in full, or in part - giving us all something to look forward to!


The course will run over 24 teaching days of in depth study, with 2 days off every 5 days. For those that need longer, there is also the option to self-pace, taking as long as you need to suit your lifestyle and situation.


We have teachers and mentors based in Australia, Europe, India, USA and Bali. The course is designed so you can join from anywhere in the world and have easy access to live classes as well as pre-recorded lectures, videos and readings.


We provide all the materials and manuals needed to complete the course. The only additional reading needed to complete the training is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This is readily available in audiobook, book or e-book for Kindle.

Take the first step on your Online Yoga Journey with Santosha Today!

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