Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Graduates

Santosha Yoga Training Graduates Today

There are many graduates of Santosha’s Yoga Teacher Trainings are out in the world, spreading their knowledge and love as fully qualified teachers. Meet some of them below.

We highly recommend following yoga teachers who have trained with Santosha if you are looking for someone in your area.

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Alex Chenery – UK/ Barbados

Alex Chenery graduated from our Level One Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 and now runs her own successful heart-centred business – Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing which combines her many incredible talents, passions and skills.

Alex sees yoga as not just a physical asana practice, but a holistic way of life that can help us to forgive what needs to be forgiven, allow us to reconnect with our true self, and guide us to a place of contentment so that we can truly enjoy our precious moments on this Earth.

“At Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing, first and foremost, we believe that life is for living. We also believe that through a regular yoga practice we can find our true direction in life; our life’s purpose; our Dharma. Only you can discover your life’s path, but here at Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing, we are excited to help you on your journey.”
To further your connection with, and help you harness the energy that is the life-force of the universe, Spinning Arrow Yoga & Holistic Healing offers yoga and a range of other transformative energetic healing techniques so that you can rebalance, rejuvenate and relax. Alex also offer Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing & Tarot Reading for those who are looking to establish a deeper connection with their intuition and spirit guides.  

Kaisa Kapanen – Finland/ Phillipines

Finnish Santosha Graduate Kaisa Kapanen graduated from her Level One Yoga Teacher Training in April 2014 – and was so keen to share her new skills with the world she then headed straight off to teach in the beautiful Philippines. Leaping feet first into a new yoga teaching career on a pristine tropical island. What a dream!

Through their company Reconnect Discover Kaisa and her partner now run Yoga, Life Coaching and Diving Retreats. Their aim is to help people reconnect with themselves, and to help them to follow their hearts.

“Yoga with Reconnect Discover was an awesome unique experience. Breathtaking in the way it makes you feel. Inspiring because of the view you have towards the beach. And amazing how yoga combined with the sounds of the ocean and nature can calm you down, focusing only to yourself. The teacher had a loving, caring and professional touch to yoga and in her classes you will learn not only how to yoga but learn something from yourself.” Maija, Retreat Guest

As Kaisa says, teaching here is “just pure magic, and guests love it!”

Johanna Pollet – UK/ Bali

Johanna has the ultimate dream job – she now works for Santosha in Bali!

Living in London and having practiced yoga on and off for several years, she decided to explore further and went off to beautiful Bali to train at our Level 1 yoga teacher training with Santosha – “It was such a valuable gift, a truly memorable experience which has transformed me in such positive ways that I want to share its magic with everyone else. To me, Yoga is a philosophy of life”

First teaching in London, and now in Bali, Johanna is a much-lover teacher – renowned for her kind heart and knowledgeable teaching.

“There are so many yoga instructors in London but it is so difficult to find one that truly helps you at all levels in just one session.  Johanna is one of the few that makes a real difference to your day! She has an ability to inspire in so many ways, not only in her perfect poses and gentle movements but also in her voice which is soothing and content. Johanna also has a big heart which shows in the way she cares that everyone is doing the right postures and is enjoying the session. What I truly like is her style and pace as an instructor. In one session she will cover breathing exercises while reminding us of the breathing during the rest of the session and also physical routines as well as work on poses to focus on specific parts of the body. Moreover, she explains why poses are beneficial to our daily lives which gives it practical meaning as well. Just amazing how skilled she is in so many ways which is why she is such a complete yoga instructor!”~ Natasha Schneider, London

” Johanna is an amazing yoga teacher. Johanna combines in her classes both the physical and spiritual components of yoga practice.  The poses and sequences that are integrated into each session, accommodate students both physically and mentally. Johanna’s warm and kind-hearted personality allows everyone in the room to relax and breath.  She has a deep empathy and understanding of her students’ bodies, their limitations, injuries, strengths, and will work with you to help you deepen your practice.  I can not say enough great things about Johanna’s teachings! She is fantastic!”– Monica Fuentes, London

Jessica Scheper – The Netherlands

Jessica started practicing yoga as a means to get fit and flexible for surfing. Now, yoga has also become a means to get fit and flexible for life! To her, combining surf and yoga is the ultimate way of living – and now Jessica teaches all over the world through her business Surf Soul ‘N Yoga.

As she says, “there’s no better way to be in the present moment than being in the water or being connected to your breath.” In 2013, Jess completed her ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor & Lifeguard training and taught at two Dutch surf schools. A year later, she completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

During her 14 months of traveling around the world, Jessica has taught yoga at an Eco-lodge in Nicaragua and in Malaysia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

“I took yoga classes from Jessica twice a day. I enjoyed her professionalism and knowledge but also open-minded approach and humour a lot. It was the first time I found someone I wanted to took classes with and was really happy about it. Jessica was able to correct plenty of mistakes I had collected during the years of doing yoga alone and without instructor. Thanks! ” Sasu, Yoga Class at MaoMeno (Dec 2016)

Julia Dunstan – Forster, Australia

2018 Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training graduate Julia is forever thankful to her mother for introducing her to Yoga as a young teenager in the 1970s when Swami Sarasvati was on TV. Together they would attend regular evening Yoga classes in Newcastle, feeling openhearted and open minded in a changing Australian society.

After moving from the mountains to the mid-north coast, she became a Foundation Member of Forster Yoga Studio and her involvement here led her to undertake the Level I Yoga Teacher Training course with Santosha Yoga Institute in Bali.

Julia brings a life-long love of Yoga to you and she shares a passion for this ancient philosophy that has evolved to bring radiance to a modern world. She offers breath-centered Yoga, flowing Vinyasa Krama, Restorative and Yin sequences along with Japa Mala meditation, mantra and the vibrational tones of Tibetan healing bowls. And by the way, she continues to offer gentle sequences for her mother (now 86 years of age) who delights in her new beginning as a teacher at Forster Yoga Studio. Santosha is also a family affair for Julia – her sister  will be following in Julia’s footsteps and joining us later this year to! 

Lisa Fenemour – Canada/ Cambodia

Since graduating from our Santosha Level One and SUP Yoga Training Canadian Lisa now lives and and teaches SUP Yoga in beautiful Otres Beach, Cambodia.

Lisa and her partner are passionate paddlers – and can’t get enough of the full body workout and unique perspective for exploration that SUP provides.

After traveling the world, paddling recreationally, becoming certified as a SUP Yoga Instructor, and gaining experience as SUP Tour Guides, they chose to start their  own project to share their love of SUP with even more people. They now run incredible SUP trips and classes around the beautiful islands and lagoons of their new home – with their passion and dedication to SUP gaining them a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor!

“I did Yoga with Lisa, the 3h SUP Tour and SUP Yoga. All of them have been great. The easily adapt to your skills and therefore provide a fantastic experience. Great people, so much fun and delicious healthy snacks during the SUP tour. Swimming with plankton is quiet awesome.” ~ Bea Bernadette

“The 3 hour island tour is amazing! Snorkeling, paddle board, sunset beer and snacks, and an amazing experience swimming with the bioluminescent plankton! Once in a lifetime experience!” ~ Matt Harrington

Hannah Duncalf – France

We have many past students working in exotic beach-side locations, but Hannah’s jam is the snow! This Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate works out of Tignes in the French Alps, teaching yoga classes when she’s not hitting the slopes.

Hannah is a great example of someone kicking ass by leveraging her knowledge and passion of another area and combining it with her skills as a yoga teacher – teaching classes which specifically target those who need yoga after a long day on the piste.

“Such a wonderful class.. thank you Hannah! Love the way you are able to link the movements of snowboarding and yoga to aid in strengthening and stretching my tired body through the season. Can’t wait for more classes next winter.. and hopefully through the coming summer too!” ~ Corinne Mayhew

“Hannah at Tadasana Tignes is the place to go after a day on the hill! A welcoming class with like minded people in a beautiful space. I really enjoyed the snowboarding stretch! Thanks Hannah!” ~ Rachael Jane

Lauren Anning – New Zealand

Lauren Anning is the proud owner of Yoga & You New Zealand.

She completed her Santosha Level 1 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Pre + Post Natal Children’s and Teens Yoga Teacher Training in February 2016.

This was a life changing experience for her and after completing the training she felt a strong desire to share her knowledge of yoga.

She now teaches in Gyms and with corporate clients – as well as running retreats and classes out of her home studio. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge and love of yoga to both young and old. She teaches a youth class each week where she enjoys challenging and encouraging her younger students with a fun flow of Vinyasa yoga.

Lauren is a very calm and positive teacher and I have loved attending her classes. She has an ingrained knowledge of anatomy and uses variations of each pose to ensure yoga students at all stages are getting the most out of the practice. Lauren’s classes are always different – incorporating a range of poses and breathing techniques, all carefully explained. She is attentive of the students and makes gentle suggestions and adjustments throughout each session. Lauren’s love of yoga shines through during her classes and she is always happy to answer questions and have a chat after class. Highly recommended!” – Jane, Tauranga (May 2017)

Ellie Senior – UK

UK Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Ellie Senior is the proud owner of the amazing Om is Where the Heart Is Yoga Studio in Salford, UK –  spreading the love and light to her community through yoga and good, honest food & drink.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to complete my yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia, under the instruction of Santosha Yoga Institutes’s gifted mentors and is certified under the Yoga Alliance. Om is where the heart is first started up in January 2016, and after a brilliant response my husband Alex & I decided it would be a good opportunity to build a dedicated studio for the ever growing community.

You can expect my classes to help you discover strength you didn’t know you had, finding the edge of your own comfort zone, both physically and emotionally. Wherever that edge might be.

I am here and want to share the love, light, happiness & positivity that can be found through yoga to all you folks of Huddersfield. Forget anything you thought you knew about yoga! our classes will be the perfect balance of asana, pranyama & laugherama! After all, Om is Where the Heart is!” ~ Ellie Senior

For UK fans of great yoga and fantastic healthy food and vibes, a visit to Ellie’s little patch of paradise in Salford is a must visit!

“Feel this is slightly overdue after sharing my Yoga journey with Ellie for over two years – love, love, love Vibrant Vinyasa – every week my mind & body feels stronger. Ellie’s ‘mini-soul searching’ each lesson has really given me focus. This week’s was a poignant reminder to make time to care of ourselves. ~ Lisa Whitaker

Amanda Battle – Perth, Australia

Amanda completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One Yoga Teacher Training in August 2014 and opened her own studio – Soul Coast Yoga – just one month after graduating! In less than six months Soul Coast quickly grow to a full-time Yoga Studio, supporting six teachers with over 30 classes a week on their timetable.

Soul Coats Yoga offers Vinyasa Flow, Soothe (Yin/Restorative), Prenatal, Kids, Pilates and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. Amanda takes a joyful approach to Yoga and her teachings aim to really shine a light on the divine spark that exists in all of us and bring this to the surface so that you can live a life deeply connected to your essence and share this with the world!

Soul Coast welcomes new students and teachers from all over the globe, and also hosts specialty workshops from sought-after yogis from Perth, Interstate and Overseas.

Miri Yoga – Portugal

Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT graduate Miri runs yoga retreats in Portugal through her company Peachy Retreats.

Peachy Retreats are hand-crafted and run with love by Clementine and Miri. Their retreats are created to combine everything they are smitten with: yoga, wholesome food, movement, good vibes and outdoor adventures.

“When you combine Miris yoga knowledge and experience with her empathy and ability to make everyone welcome in her classes, you end up with the perfect combination for a fantastic experience! I’ve attended many of her classses as a beginner and would say my experience was always positive, my knowledge increased and I could feel the benefits almost immediately! Highly recommend!!!” ~ Charlie Birchall

Becky is Santosha’s Rock and Roll Yogi! She came to yoga in 2007, and it quickly became a passion which enhanced every area of her life. Becky completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One Training in November 2012 in Bali and then went on to successfully complete her Level 2 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with us in 2014.

A true rock gal, Becky works as a sound engineer teaches yoga and meditation to the artists and musicians she tours with. Between tours she leads workshops and retreats, and sees private clients for yoga therapy.

“I was lucky enough to have Becky as my instructor for my first yoga lesson ever. I was guided by Becky move by move at my own pace and eventually found myself stretching muscles I did not know I could stretch. A lesson with Becky proves yoga does not require super powers, it just requires a great instructor.”

Becky loves to help people integrate yoga into their everyday lives. She likes to give students some “Takeaway Tools” with each class, so that they can sprinkle yoga throughout their day and not miss out if they can’t devote much time to practice.

Becky also teaches ‘juicy’ Vinyasa workshops – rich with music, yoga philosophy, intention, symbolism and inspiration. She runs retreats internationally a couple of times a year and these are a great opportunity to explore new places whilst getting to know yoga – and yourself! – better.

Read more abut Becky’s adventures in sound and yoga here: http://rocknrollyogi.com/

Steve Gorelashvili – Belgium

Steve Gorelashvili joined our teacher training to broaden his knowledge of Yoga – and to guide his father who was a recovering cancer patient. A few months after graduating opportunity struck and Steve became a yoga teacher in a Belgian Prison teaching a weekly class to prisoners.

His time on the Santosha YTT also gave Steve the insight that the path he was on was not one he wanted to keep following – so he gave up his job as a police officer and returned to the non-profit sector, where he now works as head counsellor in a residential setting for minors with troubled backgrounds.

He uses yoga with these teenagers as a tool to do something physical with them, as well as to connect with them – and getting them to connect with themselves.

Besides the professional contribution, Steve says YTT 200 gave him the tools he needed for creating and adjusting his self practices to his goals and needs, by integrating and balancing all eight limbs of yoga in his life.

Annina Helenelund – Finland/ Australia

Originally from Finland, Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate Annina’s love for travel, adventures and soul-searching led her to leave her original home for the sunny shores of Bondi, Australia – where she now runs her her business Saltwater Curls.

“Saltwater Curls was born from my desire to share my love for all things yoga, spirituality and the ocean to help others heal, connect with their inner flame and live a life of passion. I battled a rare autoimmune condition for years; western medicine had no answers, so I turned to alternative therapies and with the help of yoga, meditation and energy healing I found my way back to a healthy body and happy balanced mind. Through Saltwater Curls I want to merge my intuitive skills as coach, healer and empath with my personal journey and passions, to bring you unique classes, retreats and healing experiences.” – Annina

Saltwater Curls offers carefully curated yoga and meditation classes and retreats in beautiful seaside locations to help you reconnect with your body, the natural world and the present moment.

“Surrender to the natural flow of life – find peace, rediscover the magic in everyday moments and start living your ultimate life right now!”

Jo Jarden – New Zealand

Jo Jarden is Santosha RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training graduate – who has made an amazing life for herself based on her philosophy of freedom, living simply and taking the bold choices in life. She lives in Christchurch, NZ and runs the company Accept Yourself.

Jo now teaches in gym and studios, as well as running private classes – and recently accepted her first corporate teaching job at a helicopter rescue company!

As Jo herself says: “Be bold with your life, take action without knowing the outcome, find more presence, get out of your mind and into your body, and then you’ll believe in it so much, that giving to others becomes your life’s work. Your passion. Your joy.”

Lauren Prindiville – US/ Tahiti

Lauren is another incredible graduate doing great things in amazing places – in her case on the beautiful tropical islands of French Polynesia.

Wanderlust at heart, Lauren has been traveling, volunteering and teaching internationally for the past 5 years across Europe, North & Central America, and Asia. Lauren is a 500-hour registered Yoga Alliance & YACEP instructor for courses on Ayurveda, Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga. For the past 2 years, she has also been teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge on 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs in Bali.

Lauren currently runs Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Tahiti through her company Traveling Tula.

Julia Hofgartner – Austria

Julia is a Santosha Level 1 Yoga teacher training graduate from Vienna. Originally Julia studied law but found work in a lawyers office stressful and exhausting. Deciding that this was not the life she wanted to have – Julia quit her job to travel through South East Asia.

It was during this time she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Santosha. This experience was life changing and even though it was not her original intention to teach, after graduation Julia decided to turn her passion into a profession.

Returning to Vienna , Julia started to build up her yoga business Yoga & Juliet. Now Julia travels the world hosting retreats and teaching yoga, as well as teaching locally –  and is so happy to have finally designed a life she loves!

Diaz Diaz – Indonesia

Diaz is an Indonesian based yogi, stylist, designer, photographer, illustrator and all round creative dynamite!

He graduated from the Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training in February 2016, and now teaches throughout Indonesia, centered mainly in Canggu, Bali.

If you are visiting Bali be sure to check out Diaz’ daily Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Gentle Flow classes at Panaya and Serenity along with classes at Udara Yoga.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful class and fun” ~ Udara Yoga Studio

“Find the most comfortable way for you to express your practice and to your ‘art of teaching’ method, there’s no rules or black or white, it’s about your own journey. A journey that you will share with others that will be useful for them. Take time, and when it’s time to start a business, you will know” ~ Diaz Diaz

Chuhan Zhou – China / Costa Rica

Originally from China, 2016  Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate Chuhan loves movement and action – something she reflected in her own life with her exciting move to Costa Rica to start up her business – Tamarindo Movimiento – a pacific surf town garage gym exploring human movements.

“Tamarindo Movimiento was created by and built for the movement lovers. The ones who wake up in the morning and are ready to go – to run down the beach, ride waves, practice yoga and lift weights. Move more and move better. Be the most that you can be” – Chuhan Zhou

This enthusiasm and passion for movement and fitness has quickly gained Chu a cult following for her classes in her new home!

“I’ve tried every gym in Tama, this one is the one that has got me hooked! Love Chu’s (the owner) energetic ways to keep the classes fun while working to stay in shape. I genuinely recommend giving Tamarindo Movimiento a try, especially if you want to see results! Thank you Chu” ~ Christine August

Anna Sirotin – Sedona, USA

Amazing Anna graduated from our Santosha Level 2 500 Hour training in 2015 and – after a fun stint teaching in stunning Laos – she is now the proud co-owner of PhysioYoga Practice.

Combining MFR & yoga, this is a hands on class that is customized to your needs with the professional eye of two doctors of physical therapy. Run by Dr. Lindsay Hammersmith, PT, DPT and Dr. Anna Sirotin, PT, DPT PYP offers hands on myofascial release treatment customized to what your body needs while gently holding supported yin postures.

The combined wisdom of Anna and Lindsay and their unique approach to teaching has already gained them many rave reviews from students:

“Wasn’t sure what to expect when I first turned up for my session at PYP. I knew I was in good hands but it was my first time having body work, or PT treatment. Safe to say it was a great experience. Relaxing, educational, and great for the body. I would recommend them to anybody who had a problem they needed to address within their body, or who just wanted to feel more connected to themself and how they are feeling physically and emotionally.” ~ Graham Malcolm

“I’m not much of a yogi, mainly because I don’t know the difference between downward facing dog or tree pose. But that didn’t matter when I did sessions with Anna. She guided me through in a language that I understood. I feel better physically and mentally. Can’t recommend her enough” ~ Katie McInerny

Izzie Petrie – Surrey, UK

In 2016 Izzie returned to her home county of Surrey in the UK – after living overseas in Bali and Australia – and founded her business Pure Divine Yoga. She presently offers regular classes in the local area between Woking, Guildford, Bisley, Chobham, Chertsey and Camberley.

“Previously a performer in Musical Theatre, a few years ago I packed up my life into a back pack and purchased a ticket for Australia, I was thirty at the time and didn’t know anyone across the miles but feared nothing ventured nothing gained!. Nine years later and although I am still the same person my perspective on life has somewhat changed!! Throughout my journey I started to become more aware of the importance of balance, I was having a great time but burning out quickly and wasn’t sure of the reasons.

Ultimately this is what inspired me to partake in my yoga teacher training and I haven’t looked back since. I studied in Indonesia with Santosha taking three months out to immerse myself in the philosophy of yoga and the culture of Bali. Here I also did a secondary teaching qualification in post, pre-natal, children and teen yoga observing how beneficial yoga is for those of all ages.”

Izzie now runs her own business and teaches regularly in her local community – sometimes in a yurt!

“Beautiful first class in Bisley Yurt on Tuesday night. Izzie’s calming voice coupled with being right in the centre of fields in a warm cosy yurt made for a magical practice” ~ Jo Merrett

“I felt relaxed but energised, challenged but completely comfortable. Izzie is a wonderful teacher!” ~ Kirsten Lovejoy

Claudia Vogt – Austria

Santosha RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training
and SUP Yoga graduate Claudia – along with two other passionate yoginis – owns and runs her own studio, Lakeside Yoga. She now teaches Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and SUP Yoga classes beside (and on) the beautiful Lake Neusiedl.

Claudia stands for holistic and modern yoga. She is particularly interested in the topics of breathing and movement, back health in flowing yoga and the adapted design of the asanas – because there is no “that’s right” for everyone. From the heart comes the individual work with people who suffer from panic attacks, eating disorders or depression or simply need a new impulse in life 😉

Kerrie Adams – NSW, Australia

Kerrie is one of the many multi-talented Santosha graduates who joined the Santosha 200hr Level One YTT with a view to combining her existing skills and training with a yoga teaching certification. As a nurse, midwife and lactation consultant with almost 20 years experience with women and babies, Kerrie had a specific interest in our Pre + Post Natal and Children and Teen Yoga training (read about her experience on the training here) and she jumped into running Pre-Natal and Mums and Bubs classes soon after graduation.

Her business Nurture Birth is great example of where passion, hard work and a genuine love of sharing yoga with others can take you!

Kerrie utilises all the aspects of a yoga practice to prepare mothers emotionally, mentally and physically, not only to birth your baby in any given situation but also to prepare for the challenges of new motherhood. Her classes incorporates important pregnancy pelvic floor, abdominal and strength work into the yoga asana practice as well as ensuring the benefits of  pranyama (breath) and meditation for a clear mind.

Alara Vural – Turkey/ UK

Santosha Graduate Alara Vural is a talented Yoga Teacher, NLP practitioner, Contemporary Rites of Passage facilitator and an outdoor educator – and the Founder of Be Water. As a nature lover and adventure seeker Alara lives her own life in-line with her passion for Feeding the Soul, Mastering the Mind and Honoring the Body.

In Be Water Alara shares this ethos by offering personal or group Yoga and Personal Coaching; in Derby or on-line.

“My passion, now is to support people into connecting to their own genius and living by their own values to live their best and most fulfilling life. Spreading the message that there is more to life than just surviving. Like water; we can be a still lake, we can be a flowing river, we can take the shape of whatever container we’re put in, we can carve our own way, we can facilitate life.”

Alara is also a prolific and inspiring writer and blogger! Make sure to check her words out here at Be Water Yoga & Coaching.

Sylvia Weikert – Germany

Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Sylvia is a multi-talented yoga, dancer and actor who lives and teaches in Munich, Germany.

She is a passionate teacher who gives lessons in Yin Yoga and Yoga Flow as well as Jazz, Modern and Ballet Barre. You can view her schedule for daily yoga classes around Munich here.

Melly is a Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training Graduate who now teaches Yoga, SUP Yoga and Pregnancy and Mums and Bubs Yoga in Germany as well as offering lessons for individuals and companies. You can find her website Om Pad Ma here.

She is also creating happier, wiser and healthier citizens of the world with her Vegan Yoga Camps!

First, we get you to a beautiful location, far from the cities, cars and noise of everyday life.
Then we feed you delicious Vegan Food and get your body in shape with various forms of Yoga.
Then we teach you a bit about ecological living and how to take care of body, mind and soul.
And then we send you off again into the madness we are all living in, 

in hope you will be able to live a healthier, happier and wiser life until the next time we´ll see you again! ~ Vegan Yoga Camp

Luisa is a super cool Santosha graduate who is not only passionate about yoga and mediation – she also teachers Hula Hoop! Find out more at her Yoga – Meditation – Hula website lavani yoga.

Born and raised in Germany, Luisa moved to the UK in 2016 as is currently studying Osteopathy in Kent, as well as teaching and sharing her passions. She is a passionate Yoga, Meditation and Hula Hoop Teacher with a unique approach to teaching — one that is inspirational and embodies the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well being.

Luisa began teaching in 2015, and since then has given classes and workshops in over 3 different countries.

A combination of exercises , classes and workshops coupled with passion, joy and my extensive knowledge of human physiology, allows her to provide clients with amazing benefits.

Debbie Schoenmakers – The Netherlands

Dutch Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training  Graduate Debbie now works in her home country as a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Massage practitioner. Since 2013 she is the proud owner of her own Massage Practice and Yoga Studio at the Lage Ham in Dongen. You can find her business Onder Handen Massagetherapie here.

“I do not only want to focus on complaints that have arisen due to a wrong working posture or injuries, but also to pay attention to lifestyle diseases and stress-related complaints, which play an increasingly important role in Western society. After having followed several courses and trainings, I finally specialized in (yoga) massage therapist and yoga teacher.

By making room within joints, loosening muscles and by reducing long-term stress and stress, structures are given the opportunity to restore themselves, which means that pain and complaints significantly reduce or even disappear. My passion is to make people aware that not everything needs to be done right now. Reducing complaints in a way that looks at the person – everyone is different –  including every complaint.” ~ Debbie Schoenmakers

“Debbie understands her profession, takes time for you and goes to work.. very relaxing and effective. I definitely recommend her” ~ Conny Algra-Ligtenberg

Lena Pfizer – Germany/ NZ

Since graduating from our Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training German born Lena has begun her teaching career in new hometown, Tauranga, NZ.

She now teaches locally at several gyms and Yoga Studio as well as running corporate and private yoga classes.

A talented writer and avid traveler, Lena also combines these two passions in her fantastic blog Me You Happiness. We were also proud to share a guest post from Lena over on the Santosha blog, which you can read here.

 Sanne van Baal – Netherlands

Sanne is a passionate coach, yoga & meditation teacher and healer and Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training graduate.

In the past decade, she has specialized in personal development, stress reduction and awareness. Her teachings are down-to-earth and very earthy – but with one eye on the stars. Sanne credits yoga, personal development, meditation and healing as the keys to success.

“Sanne is gifted with deep insight and understanding of the processes involved in personal evolution. She demonstrates a powerful ability to hold the energies of a transformational, spiritual, space. Her intuitive wisdom comes through with clarity and she shares this with compassion and respect. She is an awakened soul.” ~  Altazar Rossiter

Sanne is passionate about helping other through her yoga, coaching and writing – you can visit her website and blog here at lettinggo.nl

Natahl Thomason – Melbourne, Australia

Incredible Natahl is a Midwife, childbirth educator, yogini and Buddhist –  as well as a  Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training graduate. She is also the proud business owner of BodhiBirth.

Her primary focus with BodhiBirth is to empower women and couples to discover a gentle path to a fearless, awakened birth. Natahl truly believes that by living an authentic life and practicing from the heart, you can enable others to contact their own innate capacity to create a beautiful life.

“BodhiBirth is the synergy of the threads of my life. I’m a full-time midwife who somehow finds time for teaching yoga, childbirth education and for crafting. I’ve always been creative as well as scientifically-minded, and having my own independent business is a beautiful opportunity to bring the things I love into the wider world.”

You can visit Natahl and BodhiBirth here.

Sarah Bunnell – Melbourne, Australia

Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training graduate Sarah Bunnell is a yoga teacher running classes out of Melbourne – and retreats out of a stunning island on the Philippines!

Her business Once Upon a Yoga runs Corporate Yoga + Meditation in workplaces around Melbourne – you can find our more about them here.

For Phoebe, Yoga has allowed her to find that space within and the community alongside it – and to share this with others, to help people tap into their inner essence, their ‘nectar’ through her teaching.

Phoebe completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Santosha as well as our SUP Yoga Teacher Training.

She launched Nectar Creative Therapies upon graduating and has taught in local Yoga studios, as well as co-hosting retreats and workshops in her native NSW.

Melody Griffiths – New Zealand/ Mexico

Talk about living the dream! Melody is a Santosha Level 1 200hr Yoga Teacher Training graduate from New Zealand who now lives and works in Tulum, Mexico – managing the incredible Amansala Retreat Centre.

She now teaches Vinyasa, SUP Yoga and Aerial Yoga classes on the pristine beaches of Mexico… what a life!

“Melody holds such a fun, safe, and sacred space for those new to yoga, while still keeping it fresh and inspiring for teachers and more advanced practitioners. If you have the chance to practice with her, DO IT! Her cues are clear, her hands-on adjustments are the YUMMIEST, and her energy is the most wicked contagious. Can’t wait to visit her in Mexico one day” ~ Mandy Dawn

Alyce Williams – Perth, Australia

Alyce Williams is the instructor and owner of Arnava Yoga. With over two years experience in her own practice in Ashtanga Yoga, Alyce decided she wanted to learn more about yoga and immerse herself in the philosophy behind it.

She then completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT with us in 2014 and describes her time on the training as “one of the best experiences of her life” (Wow! Thanks Alyce!) Beginning her teaching career shortly after graduating, Alyce began by working in local gyms and studios where she became known for her the gentle, yet bubbly presence she brings to her classes. Her light-hearted nature towards life make her classes fun and laid back.  Alyce is a walking example of the healing benefits that yoga can bring you, not only physically but also emotionally and she demonstrates this in her classes.

Melissa Reeve, NZ

santosha yoga teachers training graduate melissa yoga pose
Melissa is a passionate yogi and Santosha RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training graduate – who now teaches and coaches in Wellington, NZ. Her classes are designed to calm body and mind. It is a practice of body awareness, asana, mindfulness and meditation. Still the body and quiet the mind.

Find Melissa at Melissa Reeve Yoga.

Mallory Gross – Los Angeles, USA

Mallory has the privilege of working with hundreds of children and their parents in the Los Angeles area. Her first encounter with yoga was at UC Berkeley, where she enrolled in two courses: Yoga for People with Disabilities and Meditation and Mysticism. During this time, she was blessed to see the effects of a loving yoga practice in both herself and others. Her passion for yoga deepened immensely after becoming a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. He, Mallory believes, brought Santosha Yoga into her life.

Mallory says the gifts bestowed from Sunny and her team at Santosha have completely transformed her life; from dealing with chronic fibromyalgia to now living a pain-free life of joy and gratitude. She hopes to fully pay this gift forward one day. She will continue working with children to create a kinder future. Her ultimate goal? To open a yoga clinic and school for underserved populations dealing with diseases of all kinds. Yoga is for everyone and she desires to see a day when everyone is for yoga.

Carla Mardell – Cambodia

Carla Mardell teaches at Uber Oum yoga studio in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Uber Oum means beyond Beyond Oum. At Uber Oum studio Carla offers yoga for everyday people living everyday lives. Uber Oum provides Hatha Vinyassa and Yin Yoga sessions for real people with real bodies. Their emphasis is working where you are at and taking your practise beyond the mat. They encourage people to take a chill pill on a yoga mat and enliven and enrich the body, mind and soul.

To read Yoga Teacher Training reviews from Santosha graduates, please visit our Reviews Page.

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