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Online Yoga Teacher Training – Evelyn’s Story

One thing we have learned in 2020, is that things really don’t always go to plan! Like many in the world, we have had to change our expectations for the year and let go of our need to control the future. Of course, this has its scary side… but it’s also an opportunity for doing things in a different – and even exciting – new way.

One thing that WE are very grateful for is the ability to share our life-changing certified Level 1 Yoga Teacher Trainings online! This means many students who were unable to join us due to factors like childcare, holiday leave or other commitments are now able to take part on our trainings, qualify to teach and be part of the Santosha community… online.

One of these happy graduates is Evelyn, who graduated from our 200 hour online Yoga Teacher Training course in April 2020.  We are so grateful to Evelyn for sharing her story with us – and perhaps inspiring others who also never thought they would have this opportunity! Thank you Evelyn and take it away…

I retired at 60, then 3 years later I was feeling a bit bored and stale. Friends said “do a course”, “learn a language”. I thought this was good but I wanted to learn about something that I was interested in and was useful.

I had been a bit unwell for a couple of years and after trying many ‘cures’, I found my yoga practice and Ayurvedic way of life had the most positive effect on my health so I thought… I’ll do a yoga course. My goal was not to teach, it was just to improve my own practice and get a deeper understanding of something that was already helping. 

I had already dabbled with this idea a few years ago but I dismissed it as I thought I was too old to learn yoga – so I knew about Santosha through my research at that time. They had responded to my queries promptly and the course was flexible enough for me to potter at my own pace. 

Having not studied for years I was worried about my ability to retain information and writing assignments. However, although the course is extremely thorough the suggested reading lists, the online manuals and videos were great. Easy to understand.

The biggest challenge that I faced was actually technology or rather my lack of ability using it. Although I have an iPhone it was solely for the purpose of making and receiving calls and simple emails. 

After a few calls on Whatsapp (also new to me) to Sunny and I was fine. She kept me calm and was really patient and we worked through this.  It was this support and flexibility that kept me going. She worked out with me to send my voice and video recording by email.

The staff were fantastic. This was a yoga course and they were teaching me so much more making sure that these other difficulties did not deter me from achieving my goal.

It was not really about my ability but my attitude. I had decided it was too hard. Sunny showed me by keeping calm I was more focused – and to use this not only in my practice but in my life. 

Now that I have finished the course, I can see that it has given me so much more than I expected.

I enjoy my practice more and feel more committed to my way of life as I see and feel the benefits. I am much more confident in my classes as well as technology (I even managed online classed in the lockdown!)

I’m now considering doing more courses with Santosha. It’s probably the best value for money I have spent in a long time.


Thank you again Evelyn for sharing your experience with us!

Find out more about why Santosha Yoga Institute is such a highly-rated online Yoga Teacher Training experience on The Yogatique!

If you feel the calling to learn to teach and share your passion for yoga with the world – from the comfort of your own home – join us on our Certified RYT-200 Online Yoga Teacher Training – visit our Online Level 1 YTT  page and start the first step on your new path today.

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We can’t wait to share this incredible journey with you!

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