Meet Thia!


Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Team – Meet Thia!

Anyone who has joined us on a training over the last few years, will already know about the wonderful Thia! Thia is an integral part of the Santosha team in Bali, supporting our students and leading incredible kirtan sessions for our groups. If you are yet to join us on a training, you have Thia’s guidance and teachings to look forward to! In the meantime, please enjoy our little chat with Thia…. she can’t wait to meet you in person very soon.

What drew you to yoga and teaching yoga?

Serendipity, I reckon. No specific reason why I wanted to do yoga for the first time yet I just did. And since then I found each aspects of yoga supported me in many ways. Through yoga I starting to understand more about my breath, body, and mind. Then I felt calm and good about myself, and after that I simply wanted to share this to others, to help, to have fun, to be present and just be.

What does yoga mean to you?

For me yoga is a never ending practice, a lifetime practice. It is an evolution. Same as music, to know how and what is yoga, what the meaning of yoga, you need to know it from the first time it was invented, back to the roots. And you learn about it, you get the knowledge so you can apply it in your daily life.

What do you like best about teaching on the Santosha trainings?

The joy of sharing wonderful teachings to students, the idea of not knowing to know something (learning process), to be able to work and grow together in this superb yoga institute with amazing teachers and team that love and support each other.

What is your favourite place in Bali to enjoy in your downtime?

Anything with space. Big space. Oceans and mountains.

Any tips for students joining us on a training?

Come with intention. Trust your heart. Listen to your intuition that you are in the right time and place.

Thank you Thia, for chatting with us today… and all that you do for our students. We are all so lucky to have you 🙂

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