The Art of Making Smoothie Bowls

One of the best things about being in Bali (apart from doing a Santosha training of course!) is the incredible variety of delicious and healthy food available.  The options for eating are as plentiful as the beautiful beaches and ornate temples. One favourite among students and teachers alike is the famous Bali Bowls – yummy breakfast bowls of tropical goodies topped with fruit and coconut.

Many visitors have vowed to find a way to recreate this delight upon returning home, and one determined Santosha Level 1 graduate Amber Houbara has succeeded! Today she generously shares with us her recipe for Bali Smoothie Bowls. Take it away Amber!

Bali Smoothie Bowls

I wanted to post a recipe of a smoothie bowl a year and a half ago, when I first stepped into “Nalu Bowls” first shack in Bali. I sat there quietly and saw how they made it.  Since that day, I’ve been mastering the smoothie bowls over a year and a half to give you this epic guide of How to Hack an Awesome Smoothie Bowl.

It is easier then it looks and the beauty is that once you made it a couple times, you can make them so quick and easy! The most important part, in my eyes, is the temperature of your smoothie and the texture. If it’s not frozen like a crazy yummy ice cream, your smoothie bowl will be graded as average, at least among smoothie bowl snobs (like me 🙂 )

It’s important to freeze your fruits, and use a bit of liquid, and a lot of patience and love for your blender, because you want it to serve you for years to come. So be gentle with your blender, use short pulses, and make sure you’re not blending air. In order to make this thick perfect texture, the blender creates air in your smoothie paste, like in an ice cream, so the smoothie paste lift up and the knifes might spin by themselves, and that is not friendly for your beloved blender.

 {Cafe Organic, Bali}

If you have a blender with a wooden pol, you’re pretty much set, so you can just dense the smoothie paste while blending if it lifts up, but if not, pulse and stop and use a wooden spoon to push the paste down when it lifts up. Once you’ve  done it a couple times, you’ll get your own style of pulsing.

You can actually freeze little bags with the exact amount and combinations of fruits you’d like to have during the week, and then its even easier to chuck it in the blender, add liquid, pulse, and top it up.

So no excuses! Let’s make epic Smoothie Bowls.

{Eden Cafe, Bali}


For the paste

  • 1 cup of frozen fruits of your choice (eg. banana, berries, mango, dragonfruit)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of liquid of your choice (milk of any kind, water, yogurt, real fresh fruit juice)
  • Optional:
    – 1 tablespoon of a sweetener of your choice or 2 dates, or half dried fig
    – 1 tablespoon of a 100% real nut paste or tahini
    – 1-2 teaspoons of your favourite powders – Macca, Matcha, Acai, 100% Raw Cacao, Spirulina
    (*please be conscious about the amount of Spirulina you consume, and not use it every day)

For the toppings – choose a mix of:

  • Muesli or granola
  • Dried fruits
  • Almonds and nuts
  • Chia and flex seeds
  • Fresh fruits
  • Pepitas
  • 100% raw cacao nibs
  • Coconut shreds


I always like to prepare the toppings before I make the paste, this way its easy to top it up quickly so the paste won’t melt. So chop the fresh fruits you’d like to have as toppings, and prepare all the toppings on your cooking surface.

Place all of the smoothie ingredients in the blender, and pulse it in short pulses, making sure the paste is always touching the knifes of the blender (as described above in the intro)

Start with using 1/4 cup of liquid, but be gentle with your blender and add more liquid if needed (but make sure its not becoming too liquidly)

When the paste is ready, transfer it to a bowl and top it up with your favourite toppings.

Delicious breakfast: sorted! Thanks Amber for sharing your tasty findings with us 🙂


amber_yoga_teacher_training_baliAmber Houbara is many things including a wanderer, writer, yogi, Santosha YTT 200 hr graduate, designer, blogger, creator, surfer, foodie and passionate traveller. Like Amber, her website is full of wonderful surprises – take a look here. You can also follow Amber’s amazing adventures on instagram, shop for hand-curated jewels, clothing and homewares collected by Amber from all over the world here and read Amber’s food, adventure and travel guides.

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