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Many graduates of Santosha’s yoga teacher trainings are out in the world, spreading their knowledge and love as fully qualified teachers. We highly recommend following yoga teachers who have trained with Santosha if you are looking for someone in your area.

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Julia Hofgartner



Julia is a Santosha Level 1 Yoga teacher training graduate from Vienna. Although she originally studied law she found the work in a lawyers office stressful and exhausting, and began looking for something to help her calm down and relax. That was where Julia found Yoga! This one hour a day gave her the possibility to take care of herself and she soon fell in love with Yoga. After three years working in several lawyers offices Julia decided that this was not the life she wanted to have. So she quit her job to travel through South East Asia. During these travels she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Santosha. This experience was life changing and even though it was not her intention to teach, she finally decided to turn her passion into a profession. After returning to Vienna she started to build up her yoga business Yoga & Juliet, in which she put a lot of love. Now Julia is teaching Yoga in Vienna and Graz/Austria and finally designed the life she loves.

You can find Julia here:

Lauren Anning

New Zealand

lauren-yoga-teacher-trainingLauren Anning is the owner of Yoga & You in New Zealand. Lauren started practicing yoga over 3 years ago whilst in school where it had helped her to focus, relieve stress and enhance her sporting performance. Lauren completed her Santosha Level 1 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and Pre + Post Natal Children’s and Teens Yoga Teacher Training in February 2016, as she was eager to learn more about yoga and delve into the philosophy behind it. This was a life changing experience for her and after completing the training she felt a strong desire to share her knowledge of yoga. She currently teaches in a world class gym and at her home studio in Tauranga. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge and love of yoga to both young and old. She teaches a youth class each week where she enjoys challenging and encouraging her younger students with a fun flow of Vinyasa yoga. Her creative and laid-back classes are a reflection of her gentle, fun and encouraging nature.  Her goal is to make yoga more accessible for everyone.  Whatever your age, gender and physical ability, Lauren will help you to discover the gift of yoga and guide and inspire you to practice on a regular basis. Check out Yoga & You on Facebook!

Phoebe Kirkwood

NSW, Australia

yoga teacher training baliPhoebe delights in creating a space where people can openly and creatively express themselves. For her, the best place to begin is within, and beyond that, to connect with the right kind of supportive community.

For Phoebe, yoga has allowed her to find that space within and the community alongside it, and to share it with others, to help people tap into their inner essence, their ‘nectar’.

Phoebe’s love for yoga was cultivated 10 years ago. Within that time, she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at Santosha, in Canggu, Bali, as well as her SUP yoga teacher training in Sanur, Bali.

She has also completed a BA in communications, majoring in Writing and Cultural Studies (UTS), and has a 20 year background in practicing and performing dance, as well as teaching experience. In recent years, Phoebe also attended a dance therapy workshop at IDTIA, Melbourne.

You can find Pheobe at:

Johanna Pollet

United Kingdom

yoga_teacher_training_bali_200_hoursOriginally from France, Johanna has lived abroad for more than 16 years and is now based in London

Having practiced yoga on and off for several years, she decided to explore further and went off to beautiful Bali to train at our Level 1 yoga teacher training – “It was such a valuable gift, a truly memorable experience which has transformed me in such positive ways that I want to share its magic with everyone else. To me, Yoga is a philosophy of life”

When not in yoga pants, Johanna works in Client Relations in the City of London. She is also an actress, a film producer, a voice-over artist, a body-painting model, a dancer, a traveler, and a lover of life!

You can book classes, contact Johanna and find out more here:

Steve Gorelashvili


Bali_yoga_teacher_trainingSteve Gorelashvili joined our teacher training to broaden his knowledge of Yoga – and to guide his father who was a recovering cancer patient. However, a few months after graduating opportunity struck and Steve became a yoga teacher in a Belgian Prison teaching a weekly class to prisoners.

His time on the Santosha YTT also gave Steve the insight that the path he was on was not one he wanted to keep following – so he gave up his job as a police officer and returned to the non-profit sector, where he now works as head counsellor in a residential setting for minors with troubled backgrounds. He uses yoga with these teenagers as a tool to do something physical with them, as well as to connect with them – and getting them to connect with themselves.

Besides the professional contribution, Steve says YTT 200 gave him the tools he needed for creating and adjusting his self practices to his goals and needs, by integrating and balancing all eight limbs of yoga in his life. These eight limbs provide the tools and contribute to finding peace and health in his many hobbies including running, swimming, free-diving, calisthenics and bouldering.

You can read more about Steve’s journey here. Contact Steve at steve_gorel(at)

Becky Pell

Melbourne + UK

BeckyPellBecky came to yoga in 2007, and it quickly became a passion which has enhanced every area of her life. She studied various forms of Hatha yoga, primarily Ashtanga and Yin, for 5 years before deciding that she wanted to share the incredible benefits of yoga with others. Becky completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT in November 2012 in Bali and then went on to successfully complete her Level 2 500 hour training with us in 2014. She is thrilled and honoured to be part of such an inspirational group of people. Studying with Santosha has been a life-changing experience and the beginning of a wonderful journey. Becky loves to help people integrate yoga into their everyday lives. She likes to give students some “Takeaway Tools” with each class, so that they can sprinkle yoga throughout their day and not miss out if they can’t devote much time to practice. She specialises in short courses, and looks forward to introducing teenagers to yoga in schools. She continues to study and learn through other teachers, reading, and daily self-practice. Professionally, Becky has spent the last 17 years travelling internationally with concert tours as a sound engineer, and is so grateful for the way that coming to the mat keeps her grounded when she is constantly on the move. She credits her morning meditation practice with keeping her sane and patient in difficult circumstances! She divides her time between Melbourne and her native England. Contact beckypell[at]

Kerrie Adams

Sydney, Australia

kerrie-adamsKerrie is one of the many multi-talented Santosha graduates who joined the Santosha 200hr Level One YTT with a view to combining her existing skills and training with a yoga teaching certification. As a nurse, midwife and lactation consultant with almost 20 years experience with women and babies, Kerrie had a specific interest in our Pre + Post Natal and Children and Teen Yoga training (read about her experience on the training here) and courageously jumped into running prenatal and Mums and Bubs classes soon after graduation. Her business Nurture Mama is great example of where passion, hard work and a genuine love of sharing yoga with others can take you! Kerrie sums it up more beautifully than we ever could on her blog…”Love, pregnancy, birth, motherhood is not born out of logic; it’s more primitive than that. It’s that feeling inside, the intuition that you connect to, the thing that tells you deep down ‘it’s okay or it’s not okay’. Yoga can help us get in touch with that ‘feeling’ as well as give us inner peace, strength and stamina for life,  pregnancy and beyond. It is a gift to be able to combine both midwifery and yoga teachings to give something so special. The combination provides  guidance  and practical tools that can be taken home to use in pregnancy, labour and through into motherhood.” Visit Kerrie and Nurture Mama here.

Kaisa Kapanen


kaisaKaisa Kapanen graduated from Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT in April 2014 – and was so keen to share her new skills with the world she bravely headed straight off to teach in the beautiful Philipines. We love it when our teachers leap feet first into a new yoga teaching career! Through their company Reconnect Discover Kaisa and her partner now run Yoga, Life Coaching and Diving retreats in the Philippines. The aim is to help people reconnect with themselves, and to help them to follow their hearts. Visit the Reconnect Discover website or Facebook page to see more of Kaisa’s work inspiring and reconnecting her students to their vitality, strength and power. Kaisa also teaches yoga at the Camiguin Action Geckos resort – if you are looking for a beautiful class in tropical Philippines, be sure to visit her here! Along with Hatha yoga, Kaisa is a trained Yin Yoga teacher and teaches Yin Yoga, Sunset beach Yoga, Guided Meditation and Yoga Nidra. As Kaisa says, teaching here is “just pure magic, and guests love it!”

Jessica Scheper

The Netherlands

jessicaJessica started practicing yoga in 2009 as a means to get fit and flexible for surfing. Now, yoga has also become a means to get fit and flexible for life! To her, combining surf and yoga is the ultimate way of living. As she says, “there’s no better way to be in the present moment than being in the water or being connected to your breath.” In 2013, Jess completed her ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor & Lifeguard training and taught at two Dutch surf schools. A year later, she completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTTin Bali. During her 14 months of traveling around the world, she has taught at an eco lodge in Nicaragua, in Malaysia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. Jess loves teaching and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they ride a wave for the first time or when they totally relax after a yoga class. She believes that surfing and yoga are two powerful tools that help people to be happy and get through the challenges of life. Doing the YTT with Santosha, she realized that fear (e.g. of failing) is one of those major obstacles that keeps people from doing exactly what they want. No matter how hard life gets sometimes, you just have to “paddle back out there, again, and again, and again”. A keen writer, she shares her Surf ‘n Yoga stories on her website Surf Soul ‘N Yoga.

Alyce Williams

Perth, Australia

alyceAlyce Williams is the instructor and owner of Arnava Yoga. With over two years experience in her own practice in Ashtanga Yoga, Alyce decided she wanted to learn more about yoga and immerse herself in the philosophy behind it. She then completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT with us in 2014 and describes her time on the training as “one of the best experiences of her life” (Wow! Thanks Alyce!) Alyce brings a gentle, yet bubbly presence to her classes. Her light-hearted nature towards life make her classes fun and laid back.  She is a walking example of the healing benefits that yoga can bring you, not only physically but also emotionally and she demonstrates this in her classes.  Alyce wants to share her knowledge with her students, and would love to be a part of making your day just that little bit brighter. To make your day brighter visit Alyce at the Arnava website here.



Amanda Battle

Perth, Australia

amandaAmanda completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT back in August 2014 and opened Soul Coast Yoga in October 2014 – just one month after graduating! In the less than six months since then Soul Coast has quickly grown to a full time Yoga studio, supporting six teachers with over 30 classes a week on their timetable. They offer Foundations (beginners, injury or pregnancy), Vinyasa Flow, Soothe (Yin/restorative), Prenatal, Kids, Pilates and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. Amanda is especially proud to say that they are the only studio in our community and the only business operating SUP Yoga. And we are proud of how much dedication Amanda has put into sharing her passion for yoga and SUP Yoga with her community and the world! Soul Coast welcomes new students and teachers from all over the globe, and also hosts specialty workshops from sought-after yogis from Perth, Interstate and Overseas. Visit Soul Coast Yoga here to find out more: Soul Coast Yoga


Mallory Gross
Los Angeles, USA

malloryMallory has the privilege of working with hundreds of children and their parents in the Los Angeles area. Her first encounter with the splendour of yoga was at UC Berkeley, where she enrolled in two courses: Yoga for People with Disabilities and Meditation and Mysticism. During this time, she was blessed to see the effects of a loving yoga practice in both herself and others. Her passion for yoga deepened immensely after becoming a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda. He, Mallory believes, brought Santosha Yoga into her life. The gifts bestowed from Sunny and her team have completely transformed her life; from dealing with chronic fibromyalgia to now living a pain-free life of joy and gratitude. She hopes to fully pay this gift forward one day. She will continue working with children to create a kinder future. Her ultimate goal? To open a yoga clinic and school for underserved populations dealing with diseases of all kinds. Yoga is for everyone and she desires to see a day when everyone is for yoga.

Carla Mardell

Carla Mardell teaches at Uber Oum yoga studio in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Uber Oum means beyond Beyond Oum. At Uber Oum studio Carla offers yoga for everyday people living everyday lives. Uber Oum provides Hatha Vinyassa and Yin Yoga sessions for real people with real bodies. Their emphasis is working where you are at and taking your practise beyond the mat. They encourage people to take a chill pill on a yoga mat and enliven and enrich the body, mind and soul. UberOum offers a dedicated weekly yoga class timetable, weekend  workshops and retreats, and private lessons in an intimate studio in a central Siem Reap location. Teachers qualified with Santosha are welcome to guest teach at Uber Oum if the timetable allows it, or to deliver a workshop. We can and will promote a workshop the best we can – please allow 4-8 weeks for promotion. Email Carla for details uberoumyoga [at]

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