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Training Overview

Santosha’s Pre + Postnatal & Children’s + Teens’ Yoga Teacher Training Intensives allow yogis to share their knowledge with all ages. In our 2-day intensive, you’ll learn the skills to support and empower children, new mothers and pregnant women. Santosha’s Pre + Postnatal & Children’s + Teens’ Yoga Teacher Training Certification is accredited to provide registered teachers with 30 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance, including 10 contact hours.

The Santosha Prenatal, Postnatal, Children’s and Teens’ Yoga Intensive is an inspiring course that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to share the benefits of yoga with new and expectant mothers, children and teens. The course is suitable for anyone interested in enriching their understanding of the applications of yoga in these areas, whether your goal is to practice as a specialist yoga teacher, apply the knowledge to your work in a range of fields, or simply to deepen and evolve your own yoga and life experience. Santosha’s pre and postnatal course modules are formulated to provide students with the knowledge, confidence and holistic understanding of appropriate asanas and practices for safely teaching pregnant women during and after pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga classes provide an opportunity for expectant mothers to develop greater vitality and awareness of their blooming body that is home for two, as well as to deepen their relationship with their unborn baby. Gentle postures, breath work, vocal toning and meditation are taught to cultivate flexibility, calmness and confidence in preparation for labor and childbirth. Women are assisted to access greater relaxation, comfort and enjoyment. Calmness and flexibility ease the birthing process, thus reducing pain and increasing the joy of giving birth. With prenatal yoga, women prepare for as active, enjoyable and natural a birthing experience as possible. The course provides practitioners with the skills to empower mothers and enrich their experience during this transformational time in their lives.

The children and teen yoga modules offer a comprehensive experiential-based training that will give you the building blocks to specialize in teaching children’s or teens’ yoga as a career. This is fundamentally one of the most important and vital areas of yoga teaching, because teaching our children and youth will help to create a profound change in our world. Planting the seeds of peace in our children will allow them to experience the benefits of yoga, share them and practice them throughout their lives! Teaching our teenagers yoga can provide them with beneficial lifelong tools to help them cope with daily stresses, navigate exams and deal gracefully with the increasing pressures placed upon them as they transition into adulthood. By sharing the magic of yoga with the children and youth of today we are helping to create a better world tomorrow, one child at a time.

During this intensive course, you’ll have the opportunity to role play as children in a children’s yoga class, to experience it from a child’s perspective. You’ll also learn how to plan and sequence classes for young children’s drifting attention spans, as well as how to adapt poses to different age groups of children.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are some of the most experienced in the field of pre and postnatal yoga in the world. The experience of our instructors in tailoring yoga for pregnancy and for running viable “mums ‘n bubs” yoga businesses of their own mean that you will have the most holistic pre and postnatal yoga module experience possible. Through the course, you will have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with your teachers, so that they can further advise you even after the course has ended.

Who It’s For

Santosha’s two day intensive modules are appropriate for yoga teachers and teacher trainees (at minimum of level 1 YTT 200), and anyone interested in finding out more about the benefits and applications of yoga for pre + postnatal mothers, children, and teens.

Any registered yoga teachers that attend Santosha workshops can apply the hours towards their continuing education.

  • Anyone interested in enriching their own knowledge and experience of the benefits of yoga for mothers, children and teens.
  • Yoga teachers and teacher trainees interested in discovering the benefits and applications of yoga to pre and postnatal women, children and teenagers.
  • Mums and mums-to-be interested in learning more and empowering themselves on their journey.
  • Doulas, midwives, partners and anyone involved in the birthing process
  • Teachers, childcare workers, youth workers, community workers and anyone who works with children and young people.

What You Will Personally Get From The Training

Specialising in pre and postnatal yoga and yoga for children and teens has the potential to be a deeply inspiring and rewarding path for a yoga teacher. Sharing in the transformational experience of childbirth and supporting children and teens to take their place in our world as confident, calm and inspired beings is a privilege, a joy and a much-needed service. There is a great demand for specialist pre and postnatal teachers and children’s yoga teachers as these areas grow in popularity by the day.

The skills developed in this course will assist all yoga teachers to refine their teaching to accommodate pregnant women or new mothers, children and teens in generalist yoga classes. The course also contributes 30 Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance registered teachers.

An understanding of the benefits of yoga is useful for anyone who works with women and children.The skills and understandings imparted in the course may be used as tools across a range of professions including healthcare, education, childcare, community work and disability services. Finally, yoga as a lifestyle, a life practice, is a wonderful tool for all mothers and children to apply to their daily lives for increased health, happiness, well-being and tranquility.

  • Pre + Post Natal Module – 8 hours
  • Children’s Yoga Module – 8 hours

What Others Say

Your Course Content

  • Pre-natal yoga
  • Post-natal yoga
  • Anatomic changes in the body during pregnancy
  • Why we should modify asana during pregnancy
  • Basic modifications for pregnant women at all stages
  • Planning and sequencing classes for children
  • Building teenagers’ self-esteem through yoga
  • “Mums-and-Bubs” yoga



Teaching and Certification

Upon completing this course, you will be equipped to practice safely and teach others in a range of diverse settings. Santosha is  a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) – meaning this course allows you to gain 30 Continuing Education Hours with the Yoga Alliance. We guarantee you will leave us with a wealth of knowledge, a smile on your face and a warm, open heart!

Your Training Investment

Option 1: $299 AUD if you are attending Santosha’s Level 1 YTT 200

Option 2: $399 AUD (if you are NOT attending Santosha’s Level 1 YTT 200

Please note: $49 AUD non-refundable deposit included in this price, which cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part. As we need to order our printing in advance on the island, students signing up less that two weeks out from PPNCT Training start date will receive a print ready PDF certificate (not printed) by email not a pre-printed certificate.

Why Our Course is Unique

  • Our training intensives are taught by ERYT instructors
  • All students receive post-graduate support. We are always an email away for questions and answers.
  • Santosha offers a mentoring program for graduates and new teachers to support them on their journey.
  • Santosha offers a free first session of Spiritual Counselling with Hamid Ebadi

Our Mission For You

Santosha Yoga and it’s teachers honour every one of it’s students as individuals and deserving of receiving the best quality experience possible. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings will uphold a standard of excellence and devotion to the practise while respecting individual needs. We are committed to creating a space of safety and respect that will acknowledge and allow each individual’s innate equanimity, truth, empathy and joy to grow through the process of learning. May all who pass through our courses feel a renewed sense of ease, vitality and enthusiasm for their life and be blessed with health, compassion, love and always be free of suffering.

Your Next Steps

If you, like hundreds of happy students before you, know that this course is for you then take action today and secure your place now.

Pre + Postnatal & Childrens’ + Teens’ YTT

SECURE MY PLACE NOW – June 26th – 28th, 2016 – Canggu, Bali

Please note there is a $149 AU non-refundable deposit included in this price –
this cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
To calculate current conversion rates in  your local currency, check today’s exchange rate here.

Option 1 : AUD $399
(if you are attending Santosha’s Level 1 YTT 200)

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Option 2 : AUD $499
(if you are NOT attending Santosha’s Level 1 YTT 200)

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    Please contact us via the form below to receive the 'Practical Information' package for further details about our courses and locations.

    yoga-level-1-200-guarantee100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

    Attend our Pre + Postnatal & Children’s + Teens’ YTT course, and in the extremely unlikely event that by lunchtime on the first day, you feel that you do not want to complete the course OR you do not want to become a Yoga Teacher, we will refund your money minus the non-refundable BUT transferable deposit fee.

    Santosha wants to make it totally risk free for you, because we believe that once you begin this journey, your life will change in such a way you could never have imagined!

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