Advance Your Studies and Launch Your Yoga Career…
with Santosha’s Level 2 YTT 300-Hour Course Experience

What if you had a chance to seize an opportunity that could change your life forever?

Training Overview

Santosha’s Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Certification is offered as a 28-day intensive program and is for those who are ready to take their foundational knowledge to the next level. This course provides 300 hours of training which, when added to your existing level 1 200 hour teacher training, will qualify you for RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. Santosha Yoga’s Level 2 YTT 300 course is designed to help you achieve praadhiita (‘advancement in studies’). This course is a wonderful opportunity to develop not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a human being embodying yogic principles in your everyday life. The Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training course initiates your further growth from the foundations that you discovered in the Level 1 course (or in a 200 hour training elsewhere), delving deeper into the essence and teachings of yoga. We feel that progress in yoga goes far beyond the physical, and must include the awakening of deeper levels of insight as well as the attunement to the subtler messages of the body’s intelligence. The course offers deep insight into the following five key learning areas:

  • Techniques Training/Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Teaching Practicum

The course offers a comprehensive, intensive and practical training in how to teach yoga on a level that extends beyond the 200 hour course to further refine your practice, so you may come to a deeper knowledge of yoga.

The Journey of a Yogi

The journey of a yogi is a path that allows us to be perpetual students, whether teaching or not. If we are truly following the eight Limb path then we must adhere to the fist two limbs, being Yama and Niyama – the ethical precepts set forth in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Yama and Niyama are the foundation of our practice without which no spiritual progress along the path of yoga can be made. Many people come to yoga initially as a physical exercise and only later begin to understand the profound spiritual effect it has on our lives. But to establish these spiritual effects firmly upon our mindstream, to embed them within our consciousness, they must be grounded on the bedrock of ethical behavior.

Our practice begins with Yama and Niyama, and extends into asana and the other limbs of yoga. Therefore a teacher or one who is on a deeper path must engage in ongoing study – Brahmacharya as set forth in Patanjalis yoga Sutras – as well as cultivate growth in his or her daily practice. Yoga retreats and workshops, away from your daily routines, are also beneficial because you have time to focus, and experience new concepts or practices away form the distractions of  daily life. The deeper we understand who we are, the more our light will shine for others. All of Santosha’s teachers take time to study, to be inspired, and to grow. Studying allows an individual to stay connected to the teachings, and continue to be open and to maintain a beginners mind. Even if you do not teach, allowing time to look within, in a focused way, is the key to growth. With this in mind, Santosha will offer a variety of courses including the Level 2 YTT 300 Hour course to allow those spiritual seekers to travel within in a dedicated and supportive setting.

Who It’s For

The Level 2 YTT 300 course is for students who have already completed a YTT 200 hour course – through Santosha or elsewhere – and those who want to deepen their practice. All that we require is that students truly desire to: continue their yoga journey to deepen their own knowledge and practice, connect to their true inner selves and perhaps share this knowledge with others. Santosha believes that when we are guided towards seeking a yogic path and lifestyle, there is no time but the present, so accordingly, we do not have age restrictions. You are not required to have been practicing Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow or to know any specific sequences—we only require that you have been consistently practicing some form of yoga. We will guide you through the rest with wisdom and support. Santosha’s Level 2 YTT 300 is open to students of all levels, including:

  • Graduates of Santosha’s Level 1 YTT 200
  • Graduates of other Level 1, 200 hour teacher trainings
  • Students who have not completed any type of training course but have a genuine interest in the subject matter. This level of course requires maturity and commitment. For these students the courses will not be credited toward the 500-hour level, but they will serve to deepen growth and understanding.


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What You will Personally Get From The Training

The Santosha YTT 300 hour training has practical value, including the ability to register as a Yoga Alliance RYT500 teacher, but the real purpose is to bring students deeper in their understanding of yoga (and therefore their own lives), through direct personal experience and practical knowledge. The Level 2 YTT 300 allows each individual to experience the true essence of Yoga through a unique and holistic synthesis of ageless wisdom of ancient scriptures and philosophy, applied in a contemporary context. We foster a learning environment in which students can fully grasp yoga within its historical context and begin to put yoga into practice in their daily lives. All Santosha instructors possess vast knowledge and understanding and teach from their hearts. All graduating students will:

  • Have fulfilled all requirements to register as a Yoga Alliance RYT500 instructor
  • Deepen their knowledge and experience to enable their teachings to be intelligent, thus able to cater to group classes, workshops or private sessions in a range of settings
  • Be qualified to teach yoga at the YTT 300 level, and upon completion receive diploma evidencing that training
  • Develop a deeper awareness of their practice
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the postures from a more informed position and understand how to modify and adjust accordingly
  • Receive individual attention
  • Learn to develop their own pranayama practice and asana practice based upon their individual needs
  • Learn how to structure and create cohesive, well-rounded classes to suit individuals and adjust accordingly for injuries, illnesses and pre-exisitng, medical conditions
  • Delve deeper into the “Self”
  • Look at Biomechancs Anatomy and Yoga Therapy in a broader context
  • Build relationships with world class yoga teachers
  • Have the confidence and tools to begin teaching yoga and or reconnect to deepen your knowledge to teach to a wider part of the community
  • Develop and Practice Mediation daily to allow stillness to overflow into daily life
  • Know how to teach Pre + Postnatal & Children’s + Teens’ Yoga

What Others Say

Students Who Complete The Level 2 YTT 300-Hour Course Will:

  • Possess the knowledge to teach group classes, workshops or private sessions in a range of settings
  • Be qualified to teach yoga and will receive a letter of completion and Diploma evidencing your training at the 300 Hour level
  • Deepen and strengthen their practise and understanding of yoga
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the postures and how to teach them
  • Receive individual attention
  • Learn how to structure and create cohesive, well-rounded classes
  • Practise teaching and adjusting
  • Learn about the various styles of yoga and its history
  • Acquire an understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology
  • Build relationships with world class yoga teachers
  • Have the confidence and tools to begin teaching yoga
  • Develop a greater understanding of meditation


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Your Course Content

  • Philosophy of Yoga
  • Asana benefits, contraindications
  • Restoratives + therapeutics
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology of the body
  • Applied anatomy to yoga
  • Pre and Post Natal instruction included in the YTT 500
  • Ethics
  • The art of observation, assisting and adjustment
  • Verbal versus hands-on adjusting
  • Practice teaching with feedback
  • Living Sustainably – diet, nutrition, body ecology and the earth
  • Mantra
  • Yantra, Mudra
  • Hindu and Buddhist deities: the gods of yoga
  • 5 Koshas system of yogic anatomy
  • Asana modifications for special populations
  • Communications and the professional teacher
  • Self-discovery and awareness
  • Meditation: mindfulness and deep relaxation
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Kundalini Yoga and The Chakras
  • Kirtan and Chanting – closer look at the healing sound






Santosha’s 2016 Level 2 training is being held in the spacious open-air yoga shala at Yoga Searcher Bali, Uluwatu. To offer flexibility and keep your costs low, accommodation is not included in your course payment. This means you have the choice between staying on-site at Yoga Searcher or making your own accommodation plans elsewhere in the local village. Please “Enquire Now” to receive our recommended offsite Uluwatu Accommodation Options. All accommodation bookings to be made directly with the venues.

Uluwatu, Bali – Yoga Searcher Bali

Santosha’s Uluwatu trainings are held in the spacious open-air yoga shala at Yoga Searcher Bali. Nestled on the southern cliffs of the “Island of Gods,” Yoga Searcher Bali is a unique venue for yoga lovers. It is a holistic space for sharing yoga and experiencing ayurveda, just 200 meters from the world-class beaches of Uluwatu and Padang-Padang.

Yoga Searcher Bali has a large swimming pool, pristine grounds, a kitchen offering delicious organic meals, massage therapists onsite and a passionate team dedicated to making your stay unforgettable. It is the perfect yoga haven to rejuvenate your body, relax and unwind.

After a day of learning, luxury and comfort awaits you in your traditional private cottage only steps from the shala, pool and cafe. The entrance terrace overlooks a luxurious garden and pool area, offering space for lounging, reading or enjoying a delightful breakfast.

Beyond the entrance terrace is the living area, where a cosy atmosphere welcomes you. The private bungalow includes one kingsize bed and one single bed, or three single beds.

The Zen inspired bathroom is behind the living area, where you can take a shower under the blue sky of Bali, or under its stars!

The Ayurvedic Spa has handmade wellness programs for you, supported by the best of Bali’s abundant naturally medicated herbs and oils, as well as those from India/the Himalayas. The best of India and Bali blended make your experience sublime! The Organic spa also offers an Herbal Steam Sauna and Infrared Sauna, two very efficient and relaxing ways to detox your body.

Meals and Food at Yoga Searcher

Food is a passion at Yoga Searcher, with dedicated chefs making plant-based, organic, healthy meals for you fresh every day. Raw, vegan and gluten free options are also available, as well as tasty treats and desserts.

Note – Accommodation is to be booked directly with the venue.




About Uluwatu

If surfing is your thing, you’ll probably already know about Uluwatu Beach! The stunning setting, along with its majestic sunsets, makes this a place where everyone will feel welcome.

The pristine sands of the beach sit directly under a cliff face, on top of which perches the Uluwatu Temple. This temple is one of the oldest and most sacred in Bali with an absolutely fantastic view out over the Indian ocean from the top of the cliffs. The Kecak Dance performed each night here at sunset is a “must-see” Bali experience.

If you’re looking for calmer swimming options, take a dip in the reef pools of Uluwatu, or visit the scenic beaches at nearby Padang and Bingin. There are an abundance of fantastic drinking and eating options in the area, many of which afford spectacular views. Sit back and watch the rich, heady sunset blaze across the sky, knowing you have finally found the paradise you’ve been seeking!
Uluwatu is located 40 minutes from Denpasar Airport.

Bali Life

Bali is predominantly Hindu religion. We encourage you to respect local customs, e.g. wear appropriate clothing when entering temples and places of worship; do not touch a person on their head, as the head is considered sacred.

You can expect pleasant day temperatures between 20 to 33 degrees celsius (68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round. The dry season is between April and October, with the coolest months of May, June and July having an average temperature of 28°C. Rainy season is between November and March, with sudden downpours interrupted by periods of sunshine.



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Our Mission For You

Santosha Yoga and it’s teachers honour every one of it’s students as individuals and deserving of receiving the best quality experience possible. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings will uphold a standard of excellence and devotion to the practise while respecting individual needs. We are committed to creating a space of safety and respect that will acknowledge and allow each individual’s innate equanimity, truth, empathy and joy to grow through the process of learning. May all who pass through our courses feel a renewed sense of ease, vitality and enthusiasm for their life and be blessed with health, compassion, love and always be free of suffering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Santosha Level 2 Training

What is the cost of the Santosha Level 2 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training?
The cost of our training is AUD $3,390(or AUD $3,190 early bird discount if you pay in full two months early) This includes your tuition and certificate, but does not cover flights, food and accommodation.

You can check the exchange to your local currency here:

How much do I need to hold my place?
You can enroll with a $350 AU (approx $250 US) deposit. The remainder of the payment is due on week before your training will begin. You can also opt for a payment plan of 5 fortnightly installments.

Where is the training held?
Our Santosha Level 2 500 Hours training will be held in the very special location of Yoga Searcher, Uluwatu.

Once I have completed my Level 2 Training am I eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance?
Yes, once having completed the Yoga Teacher Training certification our students are eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance. This means your certificate will be recognised the world over! We are registered with Yoga Alliance and ask that you go through this organisation to enable us speedy and simple approval of your credentials. More info on the YA registration here:

Do we get any time off during the training?
We include three full days off during our Level 2 training, so you have some time to relax, surf, study, get a massage or maybe take a day trip somewhere nice. During the day there is some time during breakfast and lunch to enjoy yourself (and perhaps fit in a surf!)

How long in the Level 1 200 hour training?
The course runs over 28 days, including three days off.

What is a typical day like?
An example of a typical day on our training would be:

6:00 – 8:00 am – Asana Group 1
8:00 – 10:00 am – Breakfast
10:00 – 10:30 am – Pranayama or Meditation Practice
10:30 am – 1:00 pm – Lectures/ workshops - eg. Anatomy, Postures, Philosophy, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Kirtan, Practice Teaching
1:00 – 2:30 pm – Lunch
2:30– 4:30 pm – Lectures/ workshops
4:45 – 7:00 pm – Lectures/ workshops

What experience/qualifications do you need for the Level 2 Yoga Instructor class?
Our Level 2 500 Hour training is open to:
- Graduates of Santosha’s Level One, 200 hr YTT
- Graduates of other Level One 200hr YTTs

There will be bridging assignments to assist those who have completed their Level 1 200 Hours at a school other than Santosha.


What books do I need to buy for the training?
Ray Long - The Key Muscles of Yoga
Eckhart Tolle -A New Earth
Gary Kraftsow - Yoga For Wellness

These can be purchased as books, or electronic downloads for kindle etc. A New Earth can also be purchased as an audiobook.

Are there course Manuals?
Yes, once you enrol in the training you will be sent access to a Resource Centre with all the course materials and Manuals you will need for the training. You have the choice of downloading or printing these items to use during the course and beyond.

I’m pregnant, can I still attend the course?
It is possible to complete the course while pregnant, but we ask that the decision is made only with the consultation and full support of your doctor. Only they can advise if this is the best course of action for you. You must keep teachers advised of any physical ailments or issues arising from your pregnancy, so they can best assist you.

What happens if you get injured or fall unwell and can't complete the training?
We try our best to ensure even those who are injured or unwell can complete their training and receive certification at the end of the 28 days. There is also the option to complete some extra work upon returning home in order to complete the course, depending on what has been missed. In the case that you cannot physically finish the course we can refund funds minus the $350 AU deposit, or you are welcome to join the next intake of this course to finish your training with us.

Are mats, blocks and straps provided?
Yoga Searcher provides mats, blocks and therabands for our students so no need to bring these items. 

What after training support is there?
You will be given access to our Santosha Worldwide Yoga Teacher network, to post questions, get support and view international jobs postings as well as lifelong access to our resource centres and videos. We are also always available via email or skype to answer and additional questions which arise after your time on the course. We are available to support you at every stage of your journey.

What would happen if I didn't meet the criteria to pass the final exam? How can I get certified?
We will work to you during, and if necessary after the course to ensure that you are able to complete your assessments and leave the training with a Level 2 certificate.

I feel a bit nervous about doing this course. Should I still do it?
Yes! This probably means you are ready to step into something exciting but you just need that extra bit of courage to make the next brave step. You are welcome to write to us and let us know about this and we can happily provide extra support - both before and during your time with us on the course.

Accommodation + Meals

Where is your 2016 Level 2 500 Hour training held?
Our Level 2 500 Hour training will be held in the very special location of Yoga Searcher, Uluwatu.

Can I stay onsite at the training venue?
Yes, you can stay onsite at our sumptuous training venue - Yoga Searcher Bali. This is a great way to be part of a genuine yoga community (and it means you can sleep in later!)

Can I stay offsite at the training venue?
Of course! We provide recommended guesthouses nearby our training venues, or you can make your own plans using sites such as airbnb or

Is the hotel stay included in the total price?
No. We keep these separate at allow our yogis to make the best accommodation choice for their budget and needs.

How much is accommodation for the 28 days?
This depends on the choice of accommodation. You can stay onsite at our training venues, or make your own accommodation plans. We can recommend options for you if you do wish to stay offsite.

- For those on a budget, there are options for as low as $18 AU per night which means 28 nights will come to around approx $500 AU.
- Nice mid-range options can be found for around $30 AU per night - approx $840 AU for 28 nights.
- More luxurious options can be found from $50 AU per night - approx $1,400 AU for 28 nights.

Check out how much this will be in your currency here:

Approximate Accommodation costs – USD

Budget: From$12 US per night - approx $336 US for 28 nights
Mid-range options: $20 to $28 US per night - approx $560 US for 28 nights
Luxury: From $45 US per night – from approx $1,260 US for 28 nights

* Please note the above are approximate estimates only. Please contact our recommended accommodation providers for an exact quote for your stay.

How much is food during the training?
There are many great food options in the area and how much you spend will depend where you choose to eat. Local “warungs” can cost between Indonesian Rupiah 10.000 - 30.000 (approx. AUD $1 - $3) a meal; western style establishments will be around IDR 50.000 - 100.000 (approx. AUD $5 - $10)

I need a daily coffee! Is that possible?
Yes, Bali has great cafes with amazing coffee to suit even the fussiest of caffeine fiends. A western style latte costs around IDR 30.000 ($3 AU approx)– a local “bali coffee” can be as a little as IDR 10.000 ($1 AU approx)

Is there safe drinking water available onsite?
Our students are provided with free filtered water in the shala at Yoga Searcher.

Location - Uluwatu, Bali

What airport do I fly into for my training?
The closest airport for our Uluwatu trainings is Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali.

How do I get to the training venues from the Airport?
The drive from the airport takes around 45 minutes (traffic depending!)

With taxis, if you email your guesthouse they will be able to arrange a driver for you. Request that the driver hold a sign with your name so you can find them easily at the terminal.

You will need to supply:
- Flight date
- Flight name
- Flight time
- Your full name

Otherwise you can get a taxi from the official taxi stand outside the arrival terminal upon arriving. Drivers generally charge IDR 300.000 to Uluwatu, taxis IDR 250.000. We do not organize any transfers for students as you will be arriving on different flights and dates. However we can recommend drivers – email upon enrollment for details.

Can I stay onsite at the training venue?
Yes, Yoga Searcher Bali (Uluwatu) has options to stay onsite in their luxurious and spacious yoga cottages. This is a great way to be part of a genuine yoga community (and it means you can sleep in later!)

 Can I stay offsite?
Of course! We provide recommended guesthouses nearby our training venues, or you can make your own plans using sites such as airbnb or Hit the enquire now button to access our Accommodation Guide.

Is the hotel stay included in the total price?
No. We keep these separate at allow our yogis to make the best accommodation choice for their budget and needs.


Travelling to Bali

What is the currency for Bali?
The currency for Bali is Indonesian Rupiah. You can check the exchange rate to your local currency here:

What is the weather like in Bali?
Bali is located very near to the equator, therefore its warm, tropical climate makes it a huge draw for tourists. Average year-round temperature stands at around 30°C with a humidity level of about 85%. The dry season is March to October, November to February is wet season. Even during wet season it is still hot, and the rain generally comes in short, sharp bursts so you will still get your sunshine fix. 

What Visa is required to enter Bali?
The Visa required for the training is the 30 day tourist visa which you can pay for upon arrival into Bali ($35 US, payable in most currencies) Some countries are eligible for a free Visa – but be aware that if you chose this option you cannot extend your time in Bali beyond 30 days without leaving Indonesia.

With extending the Visa for further travel time, you can apply and pay for an extended 30 days on your tourist visa while in Bali without having to leave the country, giving you a total of 60 days. We can help put you in touch with a Visa Agent in Bali, just let us know at the start of your training if you are planning to stay longer than 30 days and we will help arrange this for you. If you wish to extend the Visa you must not choose the free Visa Option – you must insist on paying the fee. Otherwise you will have to leave Bali to extend beyond 30 days! Always pay for the Visa if you want to extend.

Please note: Santosha cannot supply sponsorship or other documentation for any Visa applications.

Do I need malaria tablets in Bali?
Bali is free from malaria. However anti malarials may be necessary if you are travelling to other parts of Indonesia, so please consult with your doctor beforehand. 

What vaccinations do I need for Bali?
It is best to visit your doctor to discuss any current vaccination updates for Bali. Below is some reputable information about Bali and vaccines - again I would speak to your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns as they are in the best position to advise you:

Do we need to hold our own personal insurance?
Yes, we insist all our students take out full travel insurance covering illness, accidents and theft.

I've never travelled by myself before, will I be okay on my own?
Fear and nervousness are common feelings (along with excitement!) that people experience in preparation for the training. The good news is that you are likely in the same boat as 99% of your classmates - the majority of our students are attending the course on their own. This means you'll instantly meet a great group of individuals who are just as keen to make new friends and support each other as you. Your guesthouse will be able to arrange an airport pick-up for you, taking the stress out of arriving in a new country. Once you are here you will be immersed in a community of caring and supportive teachers and yogis who will walk beside you at every step of the way.

Your Training Investment

Early Bird – only AUD $3,190  (includes GST and deposit)
When you book and pay for your training course two months in advance

  • Option 1 – AUD $350 Deposit (Secure your place, pay remainder two months in advance)
  • Option 2 – Easy Payment Plan (5 Fortnightly Payments of AUD $638)
  • Option 3 – The Whole Enchilada (1 Single Investment of AUD $3,190)

Regular – AUD $3,390*  (includes GST and deposit)

  • Option 1 – AUD $350 Deposit (Secure your place, pay remainder later)
  • Easy Payment Plan (5 Fortnightly Payments of AUD $678)
  • The Whole Enchilada (1 Single Investment of AUD $3,390)

* Please note: this does not include flights, meals or accommodation.

Please note there is a $350 AU non-refundable deposit included in this price, which cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part.

Teaching and Certification

Upon completing this course, you will be equipped to practice safely and teach others in a range of diverse settings. This course allows you to become registered with the Yoga Alliance, and all Santosha graduates are offered support on their teaching journey.

Along with your Yoga Alliance registered certification, we guarantee you will leave us with a wealth of knowledge, a smile on your face and a warm, open heart!

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Your Next Steps

If you like hundreds of happy students before you know that this is the course for you then take action today!

Santosha Level 2 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

SECURE MY PLACE NOW – 31 October – 27 November 2016 – Uluwatu, Bali

Please note flights, meals and accommodation not included. 

Please note there is a $350 AU non-refundable deposit included in this price,
which cannot be returned in the event of a cancellation on your part.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
To calculate current conversion rates in  your local currency, check today’s exchange rate here.

Option 1: Secure My Place
AUD $350 Deposit

Secure my place

* Remaining course investment due 7 days prior to the start of your training

Option 2: Easy Payment Plan
5 Fortnightly Payments of AUD $678

Secure my place

*Earlybird discount of  AUD $200 will be applied at checkout if applicable

Option 3: The Whole Enchilada
1 Single Investment of AUD $3,390

Secure my place

*Earlybird discount of  AUD $200 will be applied at checkout if applicable


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Please contact us via the form below to receive the 'Practical Information' package for further details about our courses and locations.

yoga-level-1-200-guarantee100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

Attend our Level 2 YTT 300-Hour course, and in the extremely unlikely event that by lunchtime on the second day, you feel that you do not want to complete the course OR you do not want to become a Yoga Teacher, we will refund your money minus the non-refundable BUT transferable deposit fee.

Santosha wants to make it totally risk free for you, because we believe that once you begin this journey, your life will change in such a way you could never have imagined!