APPLY Yogic wisdom to your everyday life

Four Part Video Course with Tips and Habits for a More Contented Life

Make the Most of Each Moment and Discover Tools for Living with Ease

Unlock the Wisdom of Yogic Philosophy to Transform Your Life

Video Course Contents:

• The Power of Gratitude
– Video, Tips + Bonus Meditation Download + Poster
• The Power of Now
– Video, Tips + Bonus Poster
• Yogic Breath for Calm
– Video, Tips + Bonus Meditation Download + Poster
•  Yoga Philosophy
– Video, Tips + Bonus Poster

Video 1: The Power of Gratitude

Experience the Transformational Power of Gratitude

Action Steps: Three Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Daily Life

Use the Transformational Power of Gratitude to Create Powerful Shifts in Your Experiences.

Start a Daily Morning Gratitude Practice

Immediately upon waking – before your habitual thoughts begin to start in your mind for the day – find a moment of gratitude and appreciation. Meditate on those things you have to be grateful for, starting with waking up and being alive for another day. Think of a person, a place in nature, a thing you love doing that you are grateful for and let yourself feel thankful for them.

The more we train our mind to look for the positive, the more it will adjust to this new way of thinking and break away from habitual patterns of negative thought and ruminating. Have a tendency to forget things? Put a Post It note right by your bed so it’s the first thing you see every day! Or print out our bonus poster 🙂

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal and taking the time to write down three things you are grateful for each day is a fantastic way to create a foundation of gratitude in your life. Make it a joyous practice by choosing a journal you love and using bright coloured pens. Reflecting each day on the things you feel grateful for sets you up to cultivate and enhance these aspects of your life, and encourages your mind to look for the positive in every day.

Plus, it can be useful to read over when we are feeling low, to remind us of the many people, places, events and things in our life we have had to be thankful for!

Thank Others

Nurture and strengthen your connection with others, by letting them know how thankful you are for the the things they do or say; or simply just for being them. Let them know in person with words of appreciation, or take the time to write them a letter they will cherish. Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged!

Bonus: Gratitude Meditation

Downloadable 20 Minute Gratitude Meditation


Bonus: Gratitude Poster

Download our Printable A4 Poster “Gratitude” 


Video 2: The Power of Now

Become More Present in Each Moment

Action Steps: Three Ways to Access the Power of Now in your Daily Life

Connect to the Moment and Observe Your Thoughts for Increased Calm, Clarity and Joy. 

Start to Observe Your Mind

Start by simply noticing moments where your mind is very busy and engaged in a lot of things. Maybe even sometimes in very destructive thoughts, telling yourself “I can’t do this”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy “and so on.  Shift your focus from these thoughts to your breath; to create a millisecond gap.

Come into the present moment and simply observe how your breath is. Take a moment to just breathe. This can be one conscious inhalation and exhalation, and you have already created that little bit of space.

Create Space Each Day

The second step is consciously create that little moment of space on a regular basis. Take a moment, take a breath, and then allow your mind to focus on the breath and the moment. What can you smell, hear, feel – just observing, not following the sensation.

Start to become friends with your mind. Be loving, kind and patient with your mind – it will want to drift back to habitual thoughts and worries. Gently guide your mind back to your breath, focusing with love each time.

Once the mind is calm, you can begin to focus on one specific thing. You’ll see how your mind turns into this amazing, incredible tool that allows you to focus with clarity on the things that are needed to focus. Your intuition will and guide you to the places you need to go. You can now react and respond from a calm, neutral place without anger, fear and frustration – or any other habitual mind-spaces.

Read the ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle

There’s a reason ‘The Power of Now’ is a mandatory read on our RYT-200 Yoga Teachers Training. The title says it all! This book is a simple introduction to Eastern philosophy and living in the ‘Now’. Many have found this book life changing. Other books which contain great insights for those seeking more peace, clarity, joy and serenity in their life include:

– Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living, Pema Chödrön
– The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer
– Be Here Now, Ram Dass
– You Are Here : Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment, Thich Nhat Hanh
The Wisdom of Yogananda, Paramahansa Yogananda

You also might want to seek out meditation or spiritual clubs and classes in your local area, or look up spiritual teachers such as Pema Chödrön, Thich Nhat Hanh, Louse Hay or Russell Brand (yes, the famous comedian!) on YouTube. Find the teachers and guides whose words resonate with you.

Bonus: ‘I Live In the Moment’ Poster

Downloadable Printable A4 Poster ‘I Live in the Moment’ 



Connect to the Breath for Calm, Peace and Clarity

Action Steps: Three Ways to Access Yogic Breath for Calm

Use Yoga Breath Techniques to Calm the Mind and Nervous System

Develop Awareness

We often tend to have very busy minds which are full of thoughts, which we are not sure how to calm down. Maybe you are even experiencing quite a lot of stress or excitement in your life? This is okay – many people are!

When you learn the difference between the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight mode) and Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest mode) you can start to see which mode you are predominantly operating from. In our western society we are often functioning in ‘fight or flight mode’ – even when we do not need to be – which leads to increased stress and overload.

It is when we are able to move into ‘rest and digest’ that we are truly able to be at ease. Often we find it difficult or even impossible to switch into this easeful mode; which then creates problems in mind, body and spirit – as we have no time to truly relax and replenish.

So what can you do when you observe yourselves in moments where you feel stress or anxiety arising? Read on…

Try Belly Breathing

If we’re not aware of it, we can’t really tap out of ‘fight or flight’ mode. But as soon as we become aware of it, this is where we can make a change. So in this moment – first simply start by acknowledging, observing  maybe even noticing your breath: “Oh, okay…. I’m breathing a lot here in my chest, all my breath is fairly fast, it’s quite rapid”

In any of those moments where you feel like your sympathetic nervous system is kicking in – making you feel stressed and anxious – see what happens if you simply take a few rounds of Belly Breathing,

  1. Find a comfortable seated or lying position
  2. If comfortable to, gently close your eyes and/ or place one hand on your chest, one hand on your abdomen
  3. Inhale into your belly, into your abdomen. While you inhale, feel the belly expand
  4. Exhale with a sense of release, feeling how your abdomen naturally drops back down towards the spine
  5. Every inhalation – I am inhaling in the sense of calmness. Belonging.
  6. Every exhalation. – I simply allow myself to let go, to surrender.
  7. Energetically, with every inhalation you are taking in whatever it is you need. And with every exhalation you are allow yourself to simply let go. Surrender and trust.
  8. Take as many breaths here as needed.
  9. Then simply allow the belly breathing to be released.
  10.  Notice and witness –  see how you feel now. 

Add Belly Breath to Your Toolbox

We encourage you to simply just try this technique out. Like anything we teach in yoga – you need to experience it for yourself and see if this is something that might be helpful for you.

You can do this wherever you are, at any of the day in any of those moments where you feel yourself becoming stressed or overwhelmed.

The wonderful thing is, our breath is always with us, so we don’t need anything else from the outside, this is just a tool that we have from within us. And how beautiful is that?

Bonus: ‘My Mind is Calm’ Poster

Downloadable Printable A4 Poster ‘My Mind is Calm’ 


Bonus: Breathing Meditation

Downloadable 12 Minute Breathing Meditation with Sunny


Video 4: Yoga Philosophy – A Path to Transformation

Study the Wisdom of Ancient Yogis to Create Powerful Transformation

Action Steps: Three Ways to Utilise Yogic Wisdom in your Daily Life

Take a Deep Dive into Yoga Philosophy for Improved Peace of Mind

Seek the Lesson

Know that every moment has bought you to this point, including your challenges. Look at yourself yourself without judgment; simply observe, acknowledge your personal patterns and habits, while being kind to yourself.

Ask “where am I being hard with myself?” and “where am I being judgemental with myself?” Many times we are more judgemental towards ourselves than to others!

Realise that when you look back at your life there may have been times that are very challenging; but many times these have been the moments where you have had breakthroughs, realisations and the biggest learning opportunities.

With practice, we can learn to turn crisis into opportunity through mental reframing. You don’t have to ignore the reality of the situation, but you can change how you view it. Journaling is a great way to look back at events in your life and purposely seek out the lessons and wisdom you have gained through these experiences. 

Develop Curiously and Keep Learning

One of the beautiful things about Yoga is the philosophy behind it. So much knowledge has been gained and shared by yogis, who have been observing the mind for over four thousand years. You can learn from the ancient wisdom that yogis have gathered, and allow it to make your life easier in the modern world.

A good place to start is with the Yamas and Niyamas, which provide foundational guidance on how to live in the world. These can be found in Patanjalis’ Yoga Sutras – timeless nuggets of wisdom that are the philosophical counterpart to today’s physical yoga practices. 

Nowadays there is much information available online on the Yoga Sutras and Yamas and Niyamas, or you might like to read a book on the topic such as ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ by Swami Satchidananda.

Apply What You Have Learned

Everything really becomes reality when it is part of your experience. So you can read and re-read many of these books and you’ll have more insight every time –  but the reading and the studying is only one factor. Implementing what you learn into your life, experiencing it, living it, that’s a completely different story!

Reflect on what is happening in your life – and how you can use it as an opportunity to apply yogic wisdom to the situation to react and respond from a calm and still mind. 

We recommend journalling as an excellent way to reflect back on your day and see where some of the yogic wisdom and practices you have been learning could be applied. We have also created a PDF of all the Action Steps from the course in one place, so you can read and reflect back on which ones you would like to try implementing in your life – download here.

And as always, be kind and gentle with yourself, knowing that you are just a beginner on this path. The intention to live with more purpose, connection, compassion, clarity and peace is a beautiful one. Be proud of yourself for starting on this path! We are so proud of you.

Feel Proud of Yourself!

Congratulations! You have now completed our short course on Yoga Wisdom.

We hope you found some helpful insights and tools that you can now apply to your daily life, to bring you greater peace and ease.

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for all that was, all that is and all that will be.

Our goal is that all those we encounter can gain an experience of Santosha – and then share and spread this experience back into the communities through teaching; creating a ripple effect that will change the world and the hearts of all beings.

Please feel free to share this course with anyone you think may enjoy or benefit from this content. You can send them this link to get them started on their own Santosha journey: https://santoshayogainstitute.edu.au/yoga-wisdom-for-daily-life-course-enrolment/

If you have any feedback on the course, or just want to share your experience we would love to hear from you! Please email: info@santoshayogainstitute.edu.au

We are humbled and grateful that you chose to start this journey with us, and love walking alongside you on this path.

Oceans of Love,
Sunny and the whole Santosha team.

Bonus: ‘I am Curious’ Poster

Downloadable Printable A4 Poster ‘I am Curious’ 


Bonus: Action Steps Print Out

Download All Four Sets of Actions Steps in a Handy PDF 



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