We were so lucky to have Ashleigh join us on the course and create a video diary of her time in Bali on the training. From new friends to assessments, days off and everything else in between – Ashleigh shared it all! Join us for the ride on Ashleigh’s Yoga Journey…

Ashleigh’s Journey Begins!

Day 2 – Balinese New Year

Day 3 – “Reacting From a Place of Love not Fear”

Day 4 – “Living Your Truth and Speaking Your Truth”

Day 5 – “It’s All Starting to Make Sense”

Day 6 – “How do we Cultivate Happiness in Life?”

Day 7 – “So Full of Ideas and Excitement”

Day 8 – “Mind-blowing” 

Day 9

Day 10 – “Amazing Chakra Meditation”

Day 11 – “Creating Transformation in the Self” – Ashleigh chats to teacher Sebastian

Day 12 – “Intense and Spiritual” – Adele shares her thoughts on the course

Day 13 – “Sharing Things That are Truly Valuable” – Jamie’s Philosophy

Day 14 – “It’s Really Cool… We’ve Started Teaching”

Day 15 – “I’m Super Pumped”

Day 16 – “Pure Magic” – Ashleigh and Friends in Ubud

Day 17 – “Trust That This Was Meant to Be”

Day 18 -“I’ve Really Had the Chance to Improve My Practice Immeasurably”

Day 19 – “Such a Powerful Experience”

Day 20 – “Now I Can Put Together a Whole Sequence”

Day 21 – “I Feel so Honored and Blown Away Everyday” – Ashleigh chats to teacher Megan

Day 22 – “I Know We’ll Be Friends Forever”

Day 23 – “I Feel More Confident to Teach a Class”

Day 24 – “I can’t put into words how life-changing this has been”

Day 25 – “I Just Don’t Want to Leave”

Graduation Day – “I’m Officially a Yoga Teacher!”

Curious to know where Ashleigh’s journey ended up taking her? The good news is she was recently in touch and is happy to report: “I’m so good thanks, have been teaching yoga loads lately… got a job at a big Sydney studio :)”

We are so excited for Ashleigh and know that she has many more adventures ahead of her! Happy teaching and sharing your passion yoga with the world – we are honoured that you chose to begin your teaching journey with us 🙂

Graduates’ Updates:

Please see our Santosha Yoga Teacher Directory to see where our past student’s dreams and hard work have taken them!

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