Level 1 RYT-200 Student Resource Centre

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As a registered Santosha student, you now have full access to our Level 1 RYT-200 course resources. Please visit all Folders and download the necessary information for your course.

Please read all the “Read First” Documents” in each folder first 🙂

Click the link above to download the information, assignments and resources you’ll need for the course.

Your Level 1 Student Resource Folder will contain:

– Read only (or download/ print if you find useful)
– Read First – Welcome to the Resource Centre
– Santosha Budgeting Spreadsheet for Excel Users
– Santosha Nusa Lembongan Transport
– Santosha Packing Checklist
– Santosha Student Handbook
– Santosha Troubleshooting Guide
– Visa Info

FORM – Must bring to Day One
– Student Agreement

– Read First – RYT-200 Assignments
– Asana Assisting
– Assignments 1 – 8
– Anatomy Colouring Sheets (zip folder)

MANUALS – Print or Download to a device you will bring to the Training:
– Read First- Manuals
– Anatomy Manual
– Vinyasa Krama Manual

SUPPORTING NOTES – No need to Print/ Download
– These are just for your interest/ reading

Level 1 Student Resource Centre FAQS


Trouble locating Files in the Resource Centre?

We also have a Facebook Group with all items uploaded in “Files”. Please join here.

What are the Mandatory Items to bring to the training?

  • Yoga Mat – there will be some available for purchase from $55 AUD if you do not have one
  • Mala Beads (108 Beads) – there will be some available for purchase
  • Highlighters/Note Books etc – you will take a lot of notes
  • Santosha Student Agreement – printed and signed
  • Course Manuals x 4 (see below)
  • Book/ Kindle version:
    – The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle (needed to complete your first assignment)
    – Yoga for Wellness Gary Kraftsow

Note: If you complete the Power of Now before you leave, you do not need to bring this book with you.

Do I have to print the contents of the Resource Centre?

Students have a choice of:
a. downloading Manuals and Assignments to an ipad/ laptop or other device or
b. printing and bringing their Manuals and Assignments

It is up to you which option you prefer. Whatever you choose please read this carefully to ensure you have downloaded or printed everything you need.

What Assignments do I complete before I come?

All assignments will be covered and done in class except three. Of these three ONLY Power of Now is mandatory. We strongly encourage you to do the Anatomy Colouring and Samkhya for you own knowledge, but we will not be marking them and they are not mandatory.

– Power of Now – Mandatory
– Anatomy Colouring – Optional
– Samkhya – Optional

The Power of Now is due day 3 of the training, thought extensions can be granted.

How do I hand my work in?

There is a folder which you can hand work into that you have completed by hand or printed, or email through to our marking email: [email protected]

Where do I find the Course Manuals?

There are 4 manuals for the course – two in the Resource Centre and two will be emailed to you before the course begins:

  • Santosha ANATOMY Manual – in Resource Centre
  • Santosha VINYASA KRAMA Manual – in Resource Centre
  • Santosha BREATH + MOVEMENT Manual – will be emailed one week before training
  • Santosha Yoga TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL Level 1 200 Manual will be emailed one week before training

Please do not email about the last two manuals – they will be emailed one week before your course begins.

What else do I need to bring?

You need to print from the Resource Centere and fill out to bring with you:

  • Santosha Student Agreement

We must have your signed Student Agreement prior to starting! Please bring to Welcome Circle.

I don’t have access to a printer and am not bringing a device to download the manuals onto. What do I do?

We can order printed manuals for you from our printer in Bali for $60 AUD. An email will be sent out about this one week before the training begins – please reply then and let us know you would like to order these and we will arrange for you.

If you find you are missing any items of the above in your Downloaded Files please email:
[email protected]

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