Yoga Teacher Training – Week Three

santosha yoga students on nusa penida rock

And just like that we are 3/4 of the way through our Yoga Teacher Training. Week three greeted us with Sunny, the owner of Santosha, who is a very wise and wonderful woman.

I was nervous to meet her because she’s the big boss lady but she lived up to her name and brought warmth and lightness into week three and it’s been a real privilege to learn from her. 

This week has focused on the elements of a yoga class – sequencing, identifying the needs of the students, and even creating our own four-week class to teach. It wasn’t all fun and games because we started working on our sequencing assignment which is the foundation of our final exam.

Seeing 30 yogi’s working furiously in sports bras and leggings on the beach is pretty hysterical. 

For our much-needed day off, a group of us headed to Nusa Penida which started with a beautiful boat ride, brought us through the island the Kelingking; an overlook where you can view a T-Rex head-shaped rock formation. I couldn’t believe the elevation or the pack of monkeys.

There was a temple under construction and when I asked, I learned the temples around Bali honor different elements in addition to gods and goddesses. This one blessed the overlook and kept everyone safe.

After, we ventured to a waterfall temple which consisted of a 45-minute hike down steep steps. I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into as I cautiously made my way down the side of a cliff but it was worth it when we arrived to the waterfall which consisted of alters, holy water, and pools overlooking the ocean. The walk up was treacherous but I lived to tell the tale. 

We finished at Crystal Bay to snorkel but it was too rough so we decided to head back early. I was sad about not getting to snorkel again, but luckily our boat let us stop for a mini-session and it was beautiful both underwater and above water because we had the volcano in full view!

The fact that we’re starting on week four is completely beyond me. We have a few days of class, two days of exams and then graduation. Wish us luck!

We are so lucky to have Elizabeth of The Flexible Yogi as our guest blogger for our June 2019 Training!

Feel inspired to begin your yoga teaching training journey with Santosha? Visit our Level 1 RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training page and start the first step on your new path today!

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