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Yoga Teacher Training… from Passion to Profession

This week we are joined on the blog by Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher training graduate Julia Hofgartner. Julia has done what many dream of…. turning passion into profession! With the learning curve of starting a new business behind her, Julia can now share with us some of the secrets she has learned getting her business Yoga and Juliet humming. Packed with tips, this is a must read for those wanting to transform both their life and their career with a Santosha Yoga Teacher Training! Take it away Julia…

Five Secrets to Starting your Yoga Business

You just finished your YTT. You had a great month and gained so much new experience and knowledge. You met people from all over the world, who feel like friends for a lifetime after this short period of time. You are filled with so much love and gratitude and want to spread that to the whole world. Probably you are in the same bubble, like I was after doing my YTT. Don’t get me wrong! This bubble is great and comfortable, but if you really want to turn your passion to your profession, you have to leave this bubble. Although it’s yoga, if you want to work as a teacher and to be self-employed it’s still a business… and believe me, not always an easy one! To make it a little easier, here are some things I have learned that will help you to if you are considering starting a yoga business of your own.

1) The real education will begin when you finally start teaching

Of course we all learned so much during our YTT and are filled with information about philosophy, postures, anatomy and so on. But you can compare the YTT to study on a university and teaching itself as gaining experiences in internships. And we all know, that only applying the things you studied will bring you further. You will quickly realize that it is a big difference between teaching your fellows or your new students. Every single class you are going to teach will educate you a little bit more. Maybe your prepared the perfect class and than you realize quickly, that what you prepared just doesn’t fit for your students at the moment and you have to improvise. But don’t be scared because of that! It’s great, so much fun, you never stop learning and your experience and knowledge grow with every single class you teach.

2) If you turn your hobby into a career don’t forget your own practice

Don’t forget that you will do nothing else the whole day, than working on your yoga business if you want to be successful. I love it and it never really feels like work. Except doing the finance stuff! But when it’s usually time for my own practice, I am sometimes just tired and need a break. That’s totally okay, take your breaks, they are necessary, but don’t forget your own practice, because that’s what lead you where you are and it’s very important for your teaching skills as well.

3) It’s about your students, not about you

The whole Yoga Teacher Training was about you and your relationship to yoga. Your whole practice is about you. When you are on the mat, it’s the time of the day, when you can turn off everything else and focus on nothing but yourself. But if you really decide to become a yoga teacher, it’s not about you anymore. Your students are the most important thing. That’s amazing but can also be a little peculiar in the beginning. Fact is that our students teach us so much. They teach us commitment, self-confidence, acceptance, concentration and how to receive and give love.

4) Make a business plan

Yoga is booming like never before and probably there are tons of yoga studios and teachers around you. Figure out how and what you want to teach first. Do you want to open up a studio? Rent a room? Or teach people in-home? Whatever it is, a business plan is the key to your success. Analyse exactly what the teachers in your surroundings are offering and what you want to offer. Maybe you will realize that there are too many people offering exactly the same thing you want to do or you find a niche, which fits perfectly for you

(Read our previous article on Finding your Niche for some more tips on this!)

5) Even if it’s yoga, if you want to make money out of it it’s also business

Probably you have the feeling that yoga and business don’t really fit together. Welcome to my world. But if you decide to start your self-employment, you also have to make money out of it, because unfortunately you have to pay your bills. Maybe you find it weird in the beginning to take money from your students for doing something what you love, but it’s necessary and totally okay. Don’t undervalue yourself. Compare your prices with other teachers around you and start to think like a businesswoman.

So those are the five things I wanted to tell you, before you decide to start your own business! Summed up it’s still a lot of work and hard work, even if it’s yoga, but the good thing is that it never will really feel like work, because you are doing what you love.

Thank you Julia for sharing your wise words with our readers. We love seeing our graduates out in the world sharing their passion and living the life they always dreamed of!


Julia is a Santosyogaandjuliet_aboutmeha Level 1 Yoga teacher training graduate from Vienna. Finding her job in a lawyers office stressful and exhausting, she began looking for something to help her calm down and relax. That was where Julia found Yoga! She soon fell in love with Yoga and after three years Julia decided that this was not the life she wanted and quit her job to travel through South East Asia. During these travels she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Santosha. This experience was life changing and even though it was not her intention to teach, she finally decided to turn her passion into a profession. After returning to Vienna she started to build up her yoga business Yoga & Juliet. Now Julia is teaching Yoga in Vienna and Graz/Austria and finally designed the life she loves.

You can find Julia here:

Inspired by Julia’s story? Join us on a yoga teaching journey of your own! Find out about our Santosha Level 1 trainings here.

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