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Yoga is for all bodies, shapes and sizes

I find it fascinating when I tell someone I practice yoga and they immediately respond with something like “wow, I can’t do yoga.” I’ve seen people of all shapes, sizes and abilities in my yoga classes throughout the years so when a person is standing in front of me claiming they can’t breathe consciously, it blows my mind.

This leads to me to today’s weekly wisdom: here is a reminder that yoga is first and foremost about breath.

Movement and postures are strictly second which means someone who lays on the mat and consciously breathes for 60 minutes is far head of the person bending every which way while huffing and puffing. 
Can’t touch your toes? You can do yoga. 

Can’t balance in warrior III? You can do yoga.

Not strong enough for a handstand? You can do yoga. 

Like to hold your breath for minutes at a time? Yoga may not be for you. 

In fact, yoga (asana) is so focused on breath work, I would be willing to bet 1/3 of the teaching is dedicated to the breath and breathing techniques. So much so I feel like I’ve had to relearn what yoga is for me and how to do it!

So don’t be so quit to write off your ability to practice and give it a shot. If you still feel discouraged, find a new studio or look up a self practice, or, in eight days…. just ask me 🙂

We are so lucky to have Elizabeth of The Flexible Yogi as our guest blogger for our June 2019 Training!

Feel inspired to begin your yoga teaching training journey with Santosha? Visit our Level 1 RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training page and start the first step on your new path today!

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