In Memory of Catherine Shaw


Cat was a true free spirit, who lived life with her arms wide open – embracing life’s adventures and those she met on her path with equal relish. Catherine’s family, friends and Santosha 2016 classmates and teachers suffered an inconceivable loss with the news of Catherine’s passing in early 2019.

Those who had the privilege of knowing Cat cherish their memories of a great friend and generous soul who touched them with her enthusiasm and passion for life.

We are so sorry for your loss, while also knowing that no words or sentiments can take away the pain of losing one so bright and dear.

On behalf of the group, Cat’s friend Lizzie has written some words on their beloved classmate. I am sure everyone in the group could share the ways in which Cat touched their lives and the special times they shared with her. She was a person who lived life in a way that made an impact on others, and left them richer and brighter for having met her. The world needs more Catherines – which makes it even sadder to have lost one. Thank you Lizzie and the group for sharing your words and for your beautiful creation of a legacy for Cat.

Catherine or Cat as she was known to us ‘Santosha Yogis’ loved life and lived it more than most, she wasn’t afraid of the unknown; she described herself as a working piece of art, always changing and evolving, an eclectic mix of bright colours, soft brush strokes and infinite doodles of creativity.

She loved the world around her and the people in it; she loved festivals, dancing, nature, wildlife, sunshine and rain fall, she loved it all and so much more whole heartedly.

Cat demonstrated the true essence of simply being present in each and every moment; she did this through her infectious laughter, bright smile and positivity.

In her own words she wrote, ‘edges are just an illusion! Be wild and free; forget taking too seriously what the universe made for fun’.

Our bright shining star, may you fill the clouds with sparkle and lace the skies beyond with your abundance of love, grace and humanity. Keep resonating joy and hope across new plains known only to you.

Travel on and travel well dear friend and we will feel you each and every time there is a warm glow, a soft delicate shadow, we will look and we will know you are happy in the places where you go.

With love your Santosha Yoga Family 2016.

Cat was much loved by her Santosha friends and a shining star of their time spent together on the training. To honour her memory, together with Santosha they have created the Catherine Shaw Scholarship. This annual scholarship is for those who share the spirit of Cat’s very being; those who move through the world looking to make it a better place and spreading love and light in their wake.

If you would like to apply for the Catherine Shaw Scholarship, please visit our Scholarship page:

Scholarship Programme

Many thanks to the June 2016 group for helping prepare this blog post, and for approaching us with their idea to honour Catherine in this beautiful way. Cat’s legacy of bringing joy to others will live on in those who are gifted this experience through her memorial scholarship. Her abundance and love continues to touch the world.  Thank you Cat.

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