Six Tips for a Thriving Yoga Business

So… you’ve completed your Yoga Teacher Training and are now ready to teach and share what you have learned. Welcome to the transformative journey of soulful entrepreneurship! In the realm of heart-centered businesses, success goes beyond strategies and marketing—it’s about aligning your energy, embodying your teachings, and nurturing your well-being.

This blog explores the profound impact of working with the energetics behind running a thriving business, prioritizing self-care, clarity, alignment, and seeking mentorship. Join us as we delve into the essential elements that elevate your soulful business journey and pave the way for abundance, fulfillment, and authentic impact…

1. Work with Energetics… and Get Ready to Receive!

In the realm of soulful business, while strategy is crucial, it’s equally important to believe in your worthiness to live the life you desire, share your gifts with the world, and receive abundant financial exchange for your services.

Embracing entrepreneurship is a journey of self-discovery and growth, albeit one that demands inner work to overcome common obstacles like fear and doubt. For those willing to embark on this path, the fulfillment it brings is truly invaluable.

Working with the energetics behind running a thriving business enhances self-confidence, self-awareness, and integrity.

Aligning your business strategy with your authentic self will always lead to greater success.

By embodying your worthiness and being energetically aligned, you’ll naturally attract clients and opportunities with the magnetism that comes from the energetics of developing a positive self-concept.

And the bonus of working with the energetics behind running a thriving business? The self-confidence, self-awareness, and integrity that your business calls you forward into rising into will not only bring you abundance, fulfillment, and success but will also have positive benefits in every area of your life – relationships, health, vitality, money, etc.

While pragmatics such as systems, marketing, and “the how” are essential, they hold little value without acknowledging and nurturing the energetic aspects of a soulful business.


2. Fill Up Your Own Cup as a Priority – so You Can Serve from a Place of Overflow

If you’re like many soulpreneurs or in the wellness space, one of the reasons you likely went into this type of path was to avoid the common culture of corporations that often leads to burnout and stress. They tend to place little priority on honoring your personal well-being first. But in entrepreneurship, we get to approach it differently!

Those who are receiving your teachings and guidance receive a direct transmission from you.

If you are coming from a place of depletion, it will be felt. If you are coming from a place of overflow, it will also be felt!

This is when people will want to keep coming back because they are receiving so much more from your offers.

Keeping your own cup filled might mean fewer classes on the schedule or serving fewer clients to truly take care of yourself and keep yourself in a state of energetic overflow, but your offers will be of higher value, and you can receive more in exchange.

This can be a really challenging concept to embody at the beginning of an entrepreneurship journey but an important one if you want to be in it for the long-term.



3. Clarity and Alignment Before Action

The inspired action you take (ie sending out a newsletter to nurture your community, posting on Instagram to promote your latest offer, or preparing for a new series or group program) will be received much more clearly by your audience when you are first clear yourself.

  • Who is this for?
  • What will the results be?
  • What is the method/approach I will use to take from A to B?
  • Why are YOU the best person to deliver it?
  • Why does it matter (to both you and your audience)?

Not only is this going to be best received by your audience but when you feel clear on these details, you will have the confidence in yourself which is felt and it is magnetic.

It’s important to get clear on such foundational questions, as well as the next steps of the details of your offers and how you want to bring it out into the world and to your audience.

This is also going to carry you through when the resistance arises. When you are so clear on your vision and where you are going, the moments of resistance will not win over.

Psst: There are many worksheets and guided meditation practices inside of the Elevate Your Soulful Business to support you in gaining this clarity and how you will bring it forward into the world, in a way that is best for your ideal clients/students and also most true to you.

4. Be Embodied in What You Teach. Walk the talk.

Again, the energetics matter because everything is energy, and people can tell who is the real deal (consciously or unconsciously).

Your own embodiment of your teachings lends credibility and depth to your message. Clients resonate deeply with genuine, lived experiences rather than mere recitations from books.

I can guess that one of your “whys” to be in this type of business is because you want to support others’ healing, wellbeing, and growth. Your teachings and offerings will land much deeper for those receiving when it is already embodied in you.

In fact, there is instant healing that happens by being in the presence of someone with a regulated nervous system, abundance mindset, or whatever it is that you want to spread through your teachings and offers.

By aligning your actions with your principles, you offer clients an integral and transformative experience.


5. Have fun and be all-in! Infuse Joy and Commitment every step of the way.

This is one of the most important, for sure, and one of the easiest to forget! If it’s not fun, you’re going to want to quit sooner than later.

If you’re interested in creating a sustainable business, infusing joy and commitment every step of the way will take you far.

Instead of seeing bookkeeping or marketing as something you simply hate doing or “aren’t good at doing” (limiting belief to squash!), what if you built in having a dance party before and after such tasks, or teaming up with other peers to co-work with, or treating yourself to a picnic in the park after learning a new task required by your business?

What if all aspects of your business got to be fun, nourishing, and fulfilling? Wouldn’t it be exciting to wake up pouring love and energy into your creations that serve and impact so many, while also GIVING so much back to you?

If you’re one-foot-in, one-foot-out, your results will be, too. So when it’s fun and exciting (which may require either a mindset shift or adjusting some things in the tangible, in your offers, etc.), you can be all-in.

When you play full-out, you will receive all of the full-out goodness, abundance, and fulfillment that comes with it!

Having this perspective changes the game. Every growing pain, lesson, learning curve, and delivery of your offers can be enjoyable. This perspective is the reason I have grown sustainably every year for seven years (both personally and professionally) and it is why you can, too.

By the way…. I am getting excited as I write this feeling into the shift and flow that comes from you taking on this one!

6. Seek Mentorship and Training from those who have walked the path before you.

There is often a steep learning curve to acquiring the necessary skills that allow you to share your genius and gifts with the world. To receive training and mentorship from those who have walked the path before you is invaluable.

You don’t have to walk this path on your own.

Seeking mentorship and training will save you a lot of time from trial and error by receiving the lessons directly from other soulful business owners. Solo-preneurship can be lonely or feel isolating at times, and having support and space held for you when you want to give up can make or break you staying in business and continuing on the path that is true to your heart and soul.

Having someone who will continue holding the vision of your dreams in an unwavering way can be the thing that pulls you up off the ground when it seems like “too much,” or you’re getting distracted or veering off-course, so you can get back on your path of soul fulfillment.

If you are desiring to serve and impact many in your purpose and create a thriving soulful business while supporting yourself in abundance, the Elevate Your Soulful Business may be the perfect next step for you.

It is a comprehensive journey walking you through both the energetics and pragmatics of what it takes to create a sustainable business that is true to you and brings your incredible healing gifts, magic, and medicine to the world.

The Elevate Your Soulful Business course can be taken at your own pace, and you can also opt-in for group or private mentorship with Mel Dolan for further, more personalized support.

The path of soulful entrepreneurship is a profound odyssey of self-discovery, growth, and service.

By embracing the energetics of your business, prioritizing self-care, gaining clarity and alignment, embodying your teachings, and seeking mentorship, you unlock the full potential of your purpose-driven venture. Remember, as you infuse joy, commitment, and authenticity into every aspect of your business, you not only create a sustainable and thriving enterprise but also inspire transformation and healing in the lives of others.

Here’s to your continued success and soulful journey ahead! 

This blog was written by Mel Dolan, our Elevate Your Soulful Business Teacher and Mentor, Life+Liberation Coach, Yoga Teacher, and thriving Soulful Entrepreneur. If you would like more help to bring your offering to the world in a supported, sustainable and soulful way, join us on our online Elevate Your Soulful Business course!


FAQS about our Elevate Your Soulful Business course…


Yes, you can join our training from anywhere – at anytime. As this is an online course location is no obstacle and you can begin your journey when best suits you. If you have access to a computer, laptop, ipad or phone with internet connection to watch the course videos then you are ready to join us!


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