Santosha Theraband Sequence
for Increased Flexibility, Mobility and Relief from Pain

We have been getting such great feedback from our students on this 18 minute sequence we just had to share it with you…

“My whole yoga practice has changed completely! Since I have learned this my back is better, my pelvis… the best thing I have learned in 12 years. Everything has changed!”

This simple Theraband sequence led by Sunny has so many benefits:

– Releases tension in the hamstrings
– Helps release piriformis (often the cause of sciatica or lower back pain)
– Mobilises and dissolves tension in the hips
– Calms the brain
– Helps release stress and fatigue
– Increases flexibility and range of motion in the lower body 

And don’t worry – you don’t need a Theraband! Stockings, a belt or scarf or anything you can find around the house will do.

Like all elements of Yoga the power lies in the practice – so we invite you to grab your mat and give this simple practice a go…

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We are happy when our students and graduates are happy – leading joyful and fulfilled lives, sharing their passion and living in integrity and peace. Our greatest pride is being part of the journey, walking alongside our our students to follow their true path and embrace the happiness and beauty inside them.

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“All the Help and Support you Could Need”

“Being able to get certified online with Santosha was a real blessing. Although online, the course was very thorough and all the help and support that you could need was available so you still feel totally held throughout the process. It was also great to be connected with many more yogis from around the globe. Now I have completed the training I hope to begin to teach specifically trauma informed yoga in order to help people heal.”
~ Erica Hands – Certified Online RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training, April 2020

Curious to hear more about our Graduates experiences… 

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