How To Choose a Yoga Teacher Training


Santosha Bali Yoga Teacher Training Graduate and all-round yoga and surf legend Jessica Scheper is already out in the world, teaching yoga classes and surfing through her yoga business “Soul Surf n Yoga”. After completing our yoga course she became a registered yoga teacher and headed off on her next yoga journey!

How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training

We asked Jessica to share her thoughts on how to choose a Yoga Teacher Training with us – as we think it could be super helpful to those trying to choose the right Yoga Teacher Training program for them.

Shared with kind permission… thanks Jessica!

Choose the right Yoga Teacher Training For You

Are you thinking of doing a Yoga Teacher Training? Congratulations! You’re going to learn a lot. However, choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training can be quite hard. There are just so many teacher trainings out there!

Here are 10 important Q&A’s to choose the right yoga teacher training program for you.

 What kind of Yoga Teacher Training did you do?

I did the Santosha Teacher Training program in Bali, run by former pro-surfer Sunny Richards and her team of master certified yoga teachers. This Yoga Alliance yoga training focuses on Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Krama, Vinyasa Yoga and teaching yoga in a safe way, as well as developing your own practice and including yoga philosophy and teaching practice.

Lots of anatomy, correct alignment, personal practice and meditation and spiritual development, alongside your yoga certification! I am still so happy and grateful that I chose to study with Santosha for my teacher training, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Is it important that a yoga school is registered with Yoga Alliance (RYS)?

To me, yes. I wanted a Yoga instructor Training that has a high standard of yoga teaching, that has been checked and internationally accepted. The best yoga teacher training is an official, certified international yoga training, for yoga teachers worldwide. Yoga Alliance is the biggest player in the yoga scene. By choosing a registered yoga school you can register as a RYT200 (or 500) certified yoga teacher too, which will probably help you to get a yoga teaching job easier. A yoga alliance certification is the key to teaching worldwide, opening you up to group teaching opportunities in gyms and studios.

How many students does the teacher training course have?

Mine had about 25 students. Almost all women (1 man). To me, that was perfect. I would not have liked being in a teacher training with a group of 50 students practicing yoga , fighting over attention or feedback from the teacher like some yoga schools. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have liked being in a group of four people either. A bigger group on the teacher training offers more different personalities, which makes it more interesting (I think).

Check what the maximum capacity of the yoga teacher training class is and see how many students they normally have on their teacher trainings, as well as how many yoga teachers on the team.

What kind of yoga style should the teacher trainings teach?

There are Yoga Teacher Training courses that focus on different yoga styles, such as Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa or ‘Power Yoga’. I’m sure they’re quite fun, but I wanted to have a more classical training; not just a physical practice, but a spiritual journey as well as an asana practice. A yoga training that goes back to the origins of yoga, so you understand where all the different yoga styles of today come from. I guess it depends on what style of yoga you like as a yoga teacher, on what you teaching style appeals and what yoga style you want to learn more about. Make sure your course includes plenty of teaching practice and has experienced teachers!

What should a Yoga Teacher Training cost?

Mine was about $1,900 American Dollars. I think that’s a really fair price, considering that it’s a genuine Yoga Alliance RYT-200 hour training. We got our paper manuals, and a lot of course material that was digital (which worked perfectly for me since I was traveling for a long time).

I did mine on Bali, but basic Yoga Teacher Trainings in my home country (The Netherlands) cost the same. I arranged my own accommodation. Of course you have way more expensive yoga teacher training courses: $3,000 and up. They better put you in a 5-star luxury resort for that.

Check what you are paying for!

How long does a Yoga Teacher training take?

Doing a 200 Hour teacher training course full-time will take 3 to 4 weeks. You study 6 days in a row, with 1 day off in between (so you get 3 days off). Yoga teacher trainings are hard work; ours started at 6am and finishes around 4pm. You can have homework at night.

If you can’t take three weeks off, you can do it part-time, as a hybrid Bali and online student.

How much yoga experience should I have to do a teacher training course?

You should at least have done some yoga practice and yoga classes, otherwise it’s a challenge to comprehend what the teachers are talking about. Being a yoga teacher is not about how flexible you are, it’s about the language and the terminology. That said, with the access to the online course materials you can catch-up and revise before and after your time in Bali to make the most of the yoga education content available to you and brush up as a yoga teacher.

What should the course curriculum focus on?

To me it was important to find a yoga school with the right balance of anatomy/the physical side and the spiritual side. In general, my training had approx. one-third anatomy, one-third asana  & pranayama, one-third meditation, with practice teaching.

The yoga anatomy part really stood out for me though. The teacher trainer taught me so much about safety, it changed the way I saw yoga and my own yoga practice. My whole training did, actually.

How do you get a job after graduating? And is it possible to travel and teach yoga?

One of the best ways to start teaching is to practice teaching on friends, family and complete strangers. Once you feel confident enough, you can ask around if you can substitute for a yoga teacher (who’s going on holiday).

Traveling and teaching yoga go really well together. Depending on where you are of course. Central America for example is a paradise for yoga practitioners and aspiring teachers.

How do I know if a yoga school are understanding and supportive?

Try asking them your questions via email or phone. No matter how many questions you have, if they’re not friendly, supportive and helpful would you want to study with them? Communication is important in yoga teacher trainings, and it starts with their answers to your first questions!

Whether you are going to do a teacher training just for yourself, or to teach others, you are definitely going to get richer from it.

Thanks again Jessica for sharing these answers with those looking to choose the right Yoga schools for them! 


About our Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our Yoga Alliance certified Bali, Byron Bay, Sri Lanka and Online Yoga Teacher Trainings are a transformational yoga journey, allowing you to not only certify to teach; but also to deepen your own practice and access the life-changing wisdom of yoga philosophy.

At Santosha we teach an authentic ‘vini’ flow style of yoga, which connects Hatha yoga postures in short, flowing Vinyasa sequences. This draws on the Sri T. Krishnamacharya lineage, a therapeutic and holistic approach to yoga teaching which creates healing and wellbeing in mind, body, and breath.

On our Yoga Teacher Trainings you will build a strong foundation for your practice, and learn how to teach yoga safely and effectively. Our founder Sunny and many of our teachers have trained directly from disciples of Sri T. Krishnamacharya in India, so that you can rest assured you’re sharing authentic wisdom passed down by yogis for thousands of years.

As our gift to you all our Level 1 200 Hour RYT-200 students receive one free short online course – your choice of Yin Yoga, Pre + Post Natal Yoga, Meditation or Kids + Teens Yoga training – to add to your skills and increase your options for yoga teaching upon graduation with extra in demand modalities.

Santosha have been running Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2008, and have helped our students transform their lives and step into their strength for over 16 years. Our founder Sunny has gathered an incredible team of experienced master yoga teachers and support staff who share her passion for spreading the benefits of authentic yoga and have a sincere desire to help others live their most fulfilled lives. We share your joys, tears, triumphs, challenges, and successes – once you’re part of the Santosha family, we will always be there for you.

Santosha Yoga Teacher Training courses are much more than just teacher trainings; they are a chance to personally transform and grow. Even if yoga teaching is not your goal, this yoga course will help you deepen your yoga practice, share a unique transformational experience, and be supported by open-hearted teachers and friends. If you want to transform your mind, body, and life then this course is for you!

Ready to make the leap into Yoga Teaching? Want to learn how to teach yoga or to deepen your practice and knowledge? Join us on a Bali, Byron Bay, Sri Lanka and Online Yoga Teacher training today!

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