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It takes a certain kind of bravery to set sail for a place where you don’t know a single soul. We love that our students are bold enough to make this exciting step! Luckily 99% of our students are in this same situation – so it doesn’t take long for strong friendships and bonds to grow on our yoga teacher trainings. We so often hear our students refer to their Santosha group as a ‘family’ – and it’s true, sharing these experiences together allows a deep connection to quickly grow. It’s a very special part of our immersive trainings.READ MORE

Finding a Path Back to Self – Steve’s YTT Story

yoga teacher training bali

We are so lucky to feature a yoga super-hero on the blog today – Santosha graduate Steve Gorelashvili. Of course all our students are stars to us, but Steve does have a bit of a special story! He shares how his time on the teacher training not only taught him how to teach yoga – it bought him back to following his own unique path in the world. He has since made massive changes in his life, bold steps which have led him back to his true calling and enabled him to benefit others in his community. We hope you are as inspired by Steve’s story as we are….READ MORE

End of year message from Sunny…

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2015, what an incredible year, filled with so much movement that allowed growth, understanding and love.

To the beautiful spirits that embarked upon their new paths by studying incredibly hard for 24 days under the guidance of Santosha’s experienced, authentic teachers, thank you from the bottom of my heart, our heart to yours. Spiritual growth, allows and creates goodness in the world and this goodness can heal mother earth and all her inhabitants….READ MORE

Living the Yogi Way

Copy of Untitled designIt’s our lucky day on the Santosha blog! Santosha Yoga graduate and teacher, qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and all round healthy and happy living guru Kirsten Swales shares her thoughts on Living the Yogi Way. Have a read and let us know what resonates with you in the comments…READ MORE

Busting Three Common Myths of SUP Yoga

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SUP Yoga is making waves in the yoga world – but are you still hesitant to test the water? Sure you’ve heard all the fitness and meditation benefits of a class on the beautiful blue ocean… but isn’t it too challenging? Is it even a real yoga class? What about alignment onboard a floating yoga mat?

Get ready to grab yourself a board as we throw these three common myths about the practice out to sea!READ MORE

Find Your Yoga Niche

find your yoga teaching niche
A very common belief that can hold yoga teachers back is the fear that there is too much “competition” in the yoga teaching field. Although it is true there may indeed be a lot of yoga teachers out there, the good news is… there is only one you!READ MORE

How To Choose a Yoga Teacher Training

2014 Level 1 Santosha Teacher Training Graduate and all round yoga and surf legend Jessica Scheper is already out in the world, spreading her passion for yoga and surfing through her business “Soul Surf n Yoga“. We asked Jessica to share an article she recently wrote with us, as we think it could be super helpful to those choosing a Yoga Teacher Training in the near future. Shared with kind permission… thanks Jessica!READ MORE

Karma Yoga, the gift of service to others

imageOne of our 2014 200 hour yoga Teacher Training grads Mel wrote to us recently from Cambodia, where she is working as a yoga teaching volunteer, offering daily classes in a women’s centre. We thought we’d share it with you on the blog, as it really shows the incredible value of being of service to others… and is a great example of one of the many unexpected places a yoga teacher training may take you! I don’t think even Mel had any idea she would end up in Cambodia when she began this journey….


Reflections of a Rock and Roll Yogi

Level-2After falling in love at first Down-Dog with yoga, I quickly became passionate about learning more. Five years into my practice I decided to train as a teacher, but all the courses that appealed to me were spread over a year or more. That was a problem for me – since 1995 I’ve worked in the music business as a sound engineer touring with bands. I’m rarely anywhere for long, so being in one place several weekends a year was out of the question. That’s when Santosha came to the rescue!READ MORE

Santosha Pre & Post Natal + Children & Teens Training

We asked one of our beautiful students, mid-wife Kerrie Adams, to share her experiences on the Santosha PPNCT. Since the training Kerrie has gone on to start her own business offering education, support and yoga service for mamas to be and new mamas. Giving back to the community – and making Santosha very proud! Read what Kerrie has to say here…


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