12 Amazing Places a Yoga Training Can Take You

From Yoga Teacher Training to Dream Job!

We know a yoga teacher training can open many doors to exciting opportunities… but even we are blown away sometimes by the places our amazing graduates end up! Let’s take a trip around the globe and visit 12 Amazing Places a Santosha Yoga Teacher Can Take You..

Jessica – Bali / Netherlands

Jessica started practicing yoga as a means to get fit and flexible for surfing. Now, yoga has also become a means to get fit and flexible for life! To her, combining surf and yoga is the ultimate way of living – and now Jessica teaches all over the world – including Bali and Scheveningen in the Netherlands – through her business Surf Soul ‘N Yoga.

In 2014, Jess completed her Santosha 200hr Level One Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

After the course she travelled around the world of 14 months – teaching yoga at an Eco-lodge in Nicaragua and in Malaysia, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica.



Santosha yoga teacher training graduate Hannah on the snow

Hannah Duncalf – French Alps

We have many past students working in exotic beach-side locations, but Hannah’s jam is the snow! This Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate works in the French Alps, teaching yoga classes when she’s not hitting the slopes. Wow!

Hannah is a great example of someone leveraging her knowledge and passion in another area and combining it with her skills as a yoga teacher – teaching classes which specifically target those who need yoga after a long day on the piste.

“Such a wonderful class.. thank you Hannah! Love the way you are able to link the movements of snowboarding and yoga to aid in strengthening and stretching my tired body through the season. Can’t wait for more classes next winter.. and hopefully through the coming summer too!” ~ Corinne Mayhew

“Hannah at Tadasana Tignes is the place to go after a day on the hill! A welcoming class with like minded people in a beautiful space. I really enjoyed the snowboarding stretch! Thanks Hannah!” ~ Rachael Jane



annina yoga teacher training graduate in bondi

Annina – Bondi Beach/ Bali

Originally from Finland, Santosha Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training graduate Annina’s love for travel, adventures and soul-searching led her to leave her original home for the sunny shores of Bondi, Australia – where she now runs her her business Saltwater Curls.

“Saltwater Curls was born from my desire to share my love for all things yoga, spirituality and the ocean to help others heal, connect with their inner flame and live a life of passion. I battled a rare autoimmune condition for years; western medicine had no answers, so I turned to alternative therapies and with the help of yoga, meditation and energy healing I found my way back to a healthy body and happy balanced mind.

Through Saltwater Curls I want to merge my intuitive skills as coach, healer and empath with my personal journey and passions, to bring you unique classes, retreats and healing experiences.” – Annina

Saltwater Curls offers carefully curated yoga and meditation classes and retreats in beautiful seaside locations to help you reconnect with your body, the natural world and the present moment.

Just when you thought Annina’s life couldn’t get any cooler, she also decamps to Bali during the Sydney winter, where she also holds retreats!


Ellie – UK

You don’t need to leave home to start a new Yoga career and UK Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Ellie is proof of that! Ellie is the proud owner of the amazing Om is Where the Heart Is Yoga Studio in Salford, UK –  spreading the love and light to her community through yoga and good food & drink.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to complete my yoga teacher training in Bali, Indonesia, under the instruction of Santosha Yoga Institutes’s gifted mentors and is certified under the Yoga Alliance.

Om is where the heart is first started up in January 2016, and after a brilliant response I decided it would be a good opportunity to build a dedicated studio for the ever growing community.

I am here and want to share the love, light, happiness & positivity that can be found through yoga to all you folks of Huddersfield. Forget anything you thought you knew about yoga! our classes will be the perfect balance of asana, pranyama & laugherama! After all, Om is Where the Heart is!” ~ Ellie Senior

Ellie proves Om is where the heart is – demonstrating the amazing benefits of sharing yoga in your own community and spreading love, yoga and a little Santosha magic to those near to you! 


yoga teacher training graduate lauren in tahiti

Lauren – Tahiti

Lauren is another incredible graduate doing great things in amazing places – in her case on the beautiful tropical islands of French Polynesia.

Wanderlust at heart, Lauren has been traveling, volunteering and teaching internationally for the past 5 years across Europe, North & Central America, and Asia.

Lauren is a 500-hour registered Yoga Alliance & YACEP instructor for courses on Ayurveda, Prenatal, Postnatal and Kids Yoga.

Lauren currently runs Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Tahiti through her company Traveling Tula.



Miri – Portugal

Santosha’s 200hr Level One YTT graduate Miri lives the dream running yoga retreats in Portugal through her company Peachy Retreats.

Peachy Retreats are hand-crafted and run with love by Clementine and Miri. Their retreats are created to combine everything they are smitten with: yoga, wholesome food, movement, good vibes and outdoor adventures.

“When you combine Miris yoga knowledge and experience with her empathy and ability to make everyone welcome in her classes, you end up with the perfect combination for a fantastic experience! I’ve attended many of her classses as a beginner and would say my experience was always positive, my knowledge increased and I could feel the benefits almost immediately! Highly recommend!!!” ~ Charlie Birchall



santosha yoga teacher training graduate steve

Steve – Teaches in Prison

Santosha graduate Steve ended up somewhere a little different – he now teaches yoga in a Belgian prison. He joined our teacher training to broaden his knowledge of Yoga, and to guide his father who was a recovering cancer patient.

A few months after graduating opportunity struck and Steve became a yoga teacher in a Belgian Prison teaching a weekly class to prisoners.

His time on the Santosha YTT also gave Steve the insight that the path he was on was not one he wanted to keep following – so he gave up his job as a police officer and returned to the non-profit sector, where he now works as head counsellor in a residential setting for minors with troubled backgrounds.

He uses yoga with these teenagers as a tool to do something physical with them, as well as to connect with them – and getting them to connect with themselves.

Besides the professional contribution, Steve says YTT 200 gave him the tools he needed for creating and adjusting his self practices to his goals and needs, by integrating and balancing all eight limbs of yoga in his life.



Kaisa – Philippines

Finnish Santosha Graduate Kaisa completed her Level One Yoga Teacher Training in April 2014 – and was so keen to share her new skills with the world she then headed straight off to teach in the beautiful Philippines.

Leaping feet first into a new yoga teaching career on a pristine tropical island. What a dream!

Through their company Reconnect Discover Kaisa and her partner now run Yoga, Life Coaching and Diving Retreats. Their aim is to help people reconnect with themselves, and to help them to follow their hearts.

Yoga with Reconnect Discover was an awesome unique experience. Breathtaking in the way it makes you feel. Inspiring because of the view you have towards the beach. And amazing how yoga combined with the sounds of the ocean and nature can calm you down, focusing only to yourself. The teacher had a loving, caring and professional touch to yoga and in her classes you will learn not only how to yoga but learn something from yourself.” Maija, Retreat Guest

Kaisa is currently on a break as she prepares for the birth of her newest amazing creation – a baby!


Julia – Sri Lanka/ Vienna

Julia is a Santosha Level 1 Yoga teacher training graduate from Vienna. Originally Julia studied law but found work in a lawyers office stressful and exhausting. Deciding that this was not the life she wanted to have – Julia quit her job to travel through South East Asia.

It was during this time she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Santosha. This experience was life changing and even though it was not her original intention to teach, after graduation Julia decided to turn her passion into a profession.

Returning to Vienna , Julia started to build up her yoga business Yoga & Juliet. Now Julia travels the world hosting retreats and teaching yoga, as well as teaching locally –  and is so happy to have finally designed a life she loves!

Follow Julia’s Yoga Adventures here:

www.yogaandjuliet.com / www.instagram.com/yogaandjuliet / www.facebook.com/yogaandjuliet/

Lisa – Cambodia

Since graduating from our Santosha Level One and our Santosha SUP Yoga Training Canadian Lisa now lives and and teaches SUP Yoga in beautiful Otres Beach, Cambodia.

After traveling the world, paddling recreationally, becoming certified as a SUP Yoga Instructor, and gaining experience as SUP Tour Guides, Lisa and her partner chose to start their own project to share their love of SUP with even more people.

Lisa now runs incredible SUP trips and Yoga classes around the beautiful islands and lagoons of her new home in Cambodia.

“I did Yoga with Lisa, the 3h SUP Tour and SUP Yoga. All of them have been great. The easily adapt to your skills and therefore provide a fantastic experience. Great people, so much fun and delicious healthy snacks during the SUP tour. Swimming with plankton is quiet awesome.” ~ Bea Bernadette



Melly – Sri Lanka, Portugal, Spain

Melly is a Santosha Level One Yoga Teacher Training Graduate who now teaches Yoga, SUP Yoga and Pregnancy and Mums and Bubs Yoga in Germany as well as offering lessons for individuals and companies. You can find her website Om Pad Ma here.

She is also creating happier, wiser and healthier citizens of the world with her Vegan Yoga Camps in locations such as Sri Lanka, Spain and Portugal!

First, we get you to a beautiful location, far from the cities, cars and noise of everyday life. Then we feed you delicious Vegan Food and get your body in shape with various forms of Yoga. Then we teach you a bit about ecological living and how to take care of body, mind and soul.

And then we send you off again into the madness we are all living in, 

in hope you will be able to live a healthier, happier and wiser life until the next time we´ll see you again! ~ Melly, Vegan Yoga Camp



Amanda – Western Australia

Amanda is another graduate showing you don’t need to travel far from home to put your yoga teaching skills to good use! She completed Santosha’s 200hr Level One Yoga Teacher Training in August 2014 and opened her own studio – Soul Coast Yoga – just one month after graduating! 

In less than six months Soul Coast quickly grow to a full-time Yoga Studio, supporting six teachers with over 30 classes a week on their timetable.

Amanda takes a joyful approach to Yoga and her teachings aim to really shine a light on the divine spark that exists in all of us and bring this to the surface so that you can live a life deeply connected to your essence and share this with the world!

By teaching in her community, Amanda has built a wonderful tribe around her studio, welcoming all ages from teens to seniors – and offering everything from SUP to Pre Natal Yoga to meets the needs of her local students. 



Want to find out more about our Santosha graduates and their teaching stories? Visit our grads page here.

Ready to start your own extraordinary Yoga career in paradise? Visit our Level 1 RYT-200 Yoga Teacher training page and start the first step on your new path today!

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