Finding a Path Back to Self – Steve’s YTT Story

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We are so lucky to feature a yoga super-hero on the blog today – Santosha graduate Steve Gorelashvili. Of course all our students are stars to us, but Steve does have a bit of a special story! He shares how his time on the teacher training not only taught him how to teach yoga – it bought him back to following his own unique path in the world. He has since made massive changes in his life, bold steps which have led him back to his true calling and enabled him to benefit others in his community. We hope you are as inspired by Steve’s story as we are….READ MORE

End of year message from Sunny…

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2015, what an incredible year, filled with so much movement that allowed growth, understanding and love.

To the beautiful spirits that embarked upon their new paths by studying incredibly hard for 24 days under the guidance of Santosha’s experienced, authentic teachers, thank you from the bottom of my heart, our heart to yours. Spiritual growth, allows and creates goodness in the world and this goodness can heal mother earth and all her inhabitants….READ MORE

Incredible India!

This March I attended the 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Santosha in incredible India. I went to the course with some sad circumstances, but the Team of Santosha was there for me I felt from day one until the last day… their support and love was like an ocean.


End of year message from Sunny

To all of those I have met, not met, loved, cried to and with, journeyed ardous times and joyous moments with – I want you to know that you have been a part of me peronally on some energetic level and ultimately you all form the essence of Santosha – for this I am truly, truly grateful for.


East Java (G’land) Surf/Yoga retreat


As I sit down to write this, it’s about 3 months since the East Java Retreat at Grajagan or ‘G-land’ as it is most commonly known amongst the surfing fraternity, and looking through the photos has been a beautiful trip down memory lane.READ MORE

We are Santosha Yoga…

Yoga retreats, surfing + yoga retreats, parent + teen adventure retreats, family yoga retreats, yoga + cooking retreats, yoga teacher training… and much more…

In a world that has become excessively busy and stressful, it’s difficult to find inner peace and contentment or see the true beauty in everyday life.

Our goal at Santosha (contentment) is to help you find that inner peace and contentment, to see the beauty, to appreciate every breath you take and live every moment to its fullest.READ MORE